Difference Between Hosted and Non Hosted Google Adsense Account.

If you have known about the CPC ad networks, then you may also have heard of Google Adsense. Adsense is the ads platform by the giant Search engine network Google. Google Adsense allows the bloggers, YouTube geeks and other internet enthusiasts to make money from their online websites, applications, YouTube videos and other stuff on internet.
Google Adsense Provides two types of Accounts. They are Hosted And Non Hosted Adsense account.
So Let's have a look how hosted and non hosted account differ with each other.
Difference Between Hosted and Non Hosted Google Adsense Account.

What is Hosted Adsense Account?

Hosted adsense account is any account by Google Adsense that can be get by applying through the Adsense partner sites. Adsense is a company not solely owned by Google. It has some partner sites that shares the income of Adsense. So you can use these sites to get an Adsense account and use them in these sites to make money online. If you have an Adsense account, you can use this account just in the Adsense Partner sites. This adsense account can be easily obtained applying through these Partner sites. Check out the following posts to get a free and non hosted Adsense account.
The non hosted adsense account can be upgraded to Hosted Adsense account though a simple step. You need to have a custom domained blog for this. You can get a free domain name through the following free domain registrars.

Learn how to upgrade to Non hosted Adsense account from the following post.

What is Non Hosted Adsense Account?

Unlike Hosted Adsense account, Non hosted Adsense account can be used in any of your sites. It means Non hosted adsense account is not confined just to the Adsense partnered sites. You can use this account in any of your domains, blogs, websites or any where you want to monetize. You can either get this by applying for Adsense through your self hosted blog or by upgrading your hosted adsense to non hosted. This is the way you can monetize more platforms to make more money from internet.

Summary of the Hosted And Non Hosted Adsense Accounts:

Hosted Adsense Account:

  • Can be easily get and approved with hosted partners of Adsense.
  • Can be used in google partner sites like YouTube, Blogger Blogs and Partner Sites.
  • Can be easily upgraded to non hosted account.

Non-Hosted Adsense Account:

  • Can be used in Google partners and non partners sites as well.
  • Can be used to make money with YouTube and other Google Partner sites.
  • Can be used to make money from mobile sites and apps.
  • Can be used in your own hosted domains.
If you have well understood about the concept of Hosted and Non Hosted adsense account then learn how to make money with your blogger blog with Adsense from the following post.


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