How to avoid clicking on your own adsense ads?

Adsense is the largest ads publishing platform in the world of internet. So, the policy of adsense are too strict. Once you break the policy of adsense as stated in their T&C you will no more remain the publisher of adsense as it will block you. The next bitter truth is once you are blocked you are blocked forever. You can't even publish ads in those sites where you have already implemented as with you former account that is blocked. Most users are blocked for clicking on their ads known or unknown. If you click on your own ads, I assure you you are blocked. Some click on their ads unknowingly, while clicking in some other links, being unknown about the consequences of their clicks. But google don't care about your reasons and block you. Hence we have thought of writing a post on it so that we can help many publishers from getting blocking .

Follow these steps (This trick works in Google chrome)
Step 1: Go to chrome store.
Step 2: Download the plug in and add it to your browser. (It will automatically be added to your browser once it is downloaded properly)
Step 3: Once it is added to the chrome no ads will be shown in any site but you can disable to the sites where you want to see the ads . 
Step 4: Visit your site and see it working. 
Note: The theme is that if the ads are not shown in your site then how will you make invalid clicks.

In case of any problems write it in the comments.


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