How to Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution From blogger Blog

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Every Blogspot blog has a Powered By Blogger attribution in the blogs. It doesn't affect much to your blogging career. Though if you want to look professional by removing the Powered by Blogger attribution from your blog then this post is for you. You may have tried a lot in removing Powered By Blogger Attribution from your blog. But this attribution is locked into your blog. And doesn't have any remove option. 
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Though you can remove this annoying attribution by following the simple steps as stated below. You just have to play with the HTML/JavaScript codes on your blogger template and you're done in just less than 5 minutes.
How to Remove Powered By Blogger Attribution From blogger Blog

1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard. Then go to Template and Click on Edit Option.
Remove powered by blogger from blog

 2. Find the code </head> using short cut key. Ctrl + F .

3. Add the following code just above of </head> .
Remove powered by blogger from blog

{display: none;}

4 .Save template . 
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