How to take a screenshot on windows?

Are you a blogger? And need some tools to create beautiful screenshots of what you are doing on your computer screen. Then this post is for you. If you need to write some tutorials in your blog then you need to insert some screenshots what you are doing in your computer screen. The screenshots make your post easily understandable and easy to define your ideas. I also have added some screenshots in this blog to help you understand easily. If you are thinking of downloading some tools from internet for screen shots then you don't need to. It is damn easy process for you to take the screenshots. And you don't have to download anything, you already have those tools in your computer. Taking a screenshot on Windows is one of the easiest tasks possible, regardless of which version of the operating system you’re running. 
Just follow the steps to get started:

Step 1: Get the page of which you want to make screenshot and press Print Screen Button from your keyboard.How to take a screenshot on windows?

Step 2: Now Open Paint.
How to take a screenshot on windows?

Step 3: Press Ctrl+v i.e. paste on the paint, and save it. Now you can use it as per your need.

Second Method to take a screenshot on Computer

1. Use snipping tool from your start menu. If it doesn't show on your start menu just search for it.
2. Click on it and just choose what type of shot do you want and have it.

How to take a screenshot on windows?
And if you are a youtube geek or hardcore gamer, you may need some screen recording software for your computer. Refer to the article below to get the best and free screen recording software:


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