How to download Videos from Blogger Blog?

Blogger is an online blogging platform by google. It is a choice of most beginners and that of most professionals too. But it has strict rules and policies. It doesn't let any video to get downloaded from any blogger through simpler means. Its good for those contents that are original as they can't be copied by others. But if you don't have their back ups then it may pose you a problem. I tried almost all thing to download videos from my own blog but all went in vain. The videos that are not embedded from youtube or are directly uploaded to blogger are not downloaded. But now don't worry i have got the solution to download the videos from blogger blogs. Just follow these steps here. What you need is just Mozilla Firefox Browser.
1. Open your Mozilla Firefox Browse. Click on tools and choose Add Ons.
Download Videos from blogger blog
2. Search For the add on "Video DownloadHelper" . See For all results and install the add on as shown below.
Download Videos from blogger blog
3. Wait till it is added to your browser. Now visit a blogger blog of which you want to download the videos.
Click on the video so that it starts playing. Take a look at the addon you have installed . The balloon icon it will turn to red, blue and yellow, and start to spin. There's an arrow below the spinning balls(As Shown Below). Click on it. It will show the name of video you  are playing. Take your mouse arrow there. And Click on Quick Download.
Download Videos from blogger blog

4. Wait till it is downloaded. It will download and you can play it with VLC or any other Media players. 

But you have to choose default program for this every time you want to open this video and this video format can't be uploaded to other site. To make this Video uploadable to other sites Follow these steps:
1. Go to Online Converter . From video Converter choose the targeted format for your video.

Download videos from blogger blog

2. Upload the file downloaded above and Click on Convert Button.
3. When the convert is complete it will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


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