High Paying Technology Blog Keywords For Google Adsense

You may have noticed that adsense has gradually decreases its CPC to less than 0.50$. Now almost all blogs and sites are being approved by Adsense. Rise in number of publisher means decrease in CPC and consequently decrease in earning.
And if you are a google ads publisher and definitely you like to earn more from your blog. You may have been getting more traffic and more clicks to your ads but still your earnings is too low. For this you have to take a wise step. 
The adsense ads are published as per the blog content.And your CPC is related to your keywords or on what content is your blog based on. Many bloggers have posted a lots of keywords on different niche. But I made a short tour and collected these keywords related to Technology and internet. These keywords are collected from among the most earning blogs or sites of the world.

List Of High Paying Keywords Technology Blog Keywords For Google Adsense

  • Best way to send mass emails 122.75$ 
  • Google checkout send money 27.44$
  • Fastest VPS hosting 28.66
  • Network marketing advertising 7.41$
  • Auto insurance affiliate programs 94.13$
  • Us bank account for foreigners 79.95$
  • How much to sell domain name for 74.38$
  • Best email blast companies 73.88$
  • Hostgator vs ipage 64.51$
  • Best auto responder 54.54$
  • CPA email marketing 53.95$
  • Cheap business phone line 53.04 $
  • Website brokerage 47.25$
  • Wordpress without hosting 47.08$ 
  • Bigcommerce problems 50.52$
  • VPS dedicated server 47.61$
  • Dreamhost dedicated server 47.51$
  • Cheap dedicated servers usa 63.63$
  • Mail list for sale 61.72$
  • Word document translation 69.01$
  • Iphone 4 vs iphone 3gs 60.25$
  • Google web site hosting 54.50$
  • Internet fax companies 54.41$
  • Amazon cloud file storage 50.72$
  • Internet slow 47.18$
  • Send mass emails 40.15$
  • Free email domains list 30 $


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