How to Publish Post On WordPress Blog With Microsoft Office Word 2007?

You are all known that wordpress is the most preferred blogging platform. Many of us use wordpress for blogging. At the same time Microsoft Word is the most widely used software for word documents. Now these have created a relation among them . I know every time you have to blog you will have to open your admin panel and write there the post and when you have to insert some thing like image or table it took slightly some time. So I am going to share this post and you can directly post to your wordpress blog through Microsoft Word 2007. 


1. Go to Your blogs admin's page and log in with your details.

2. On your admin's Dashboard, go to settings. And Then choose writing.

3. There enable XML-RPC option. If this option is not seen in your admin panel don't worry.

Now, you may close your browser.

1. Now open your Microsoft Office Word 2007.

2. There choose menu>Publish>Blog.

3. There a dialog box will appear, click on register now.
4. Then choose your blog provider as Wordpress and click on next.

5. There fill the form with required information. 
Replace <Enter your blog URL here> with your blog's url like .
Username: Enter your admin username or email.
Password: Enter Your password.
6. When you enter all the details. Click OK. 
7. A dialog box may appear like shown below. Click Yes there.
8. Finally, a dialog box saying registration successful will appear. Click OK and you are done. 

Whenever you have to post on your blog, Just open your Microsoft Office Word 2007 and  There choose menu>Publish>Blog.  And click publish to publish the post. 

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