How To Change Default Anonymous Avatar In Blogger Blog Comments?

Blogger is the online platform for blogging used by many professionals. The comment avatars are provided by default to the bloggers. But do you think they must look a bit professional. What if you can use your own avatar for the anonymous comments? Yes this is possible. You can use custom comments avatar for unregistered commentators. With this simple trick you will make your comments look more professional. 

Lets Get Started:
1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard and choose the blog of which you want to change the comment avatar.
2. Navigate To template and click on Edit Html.
 3. Find </body>(using keyboard shortcut ctrl+f).  Copy the following code and paste it just above </body> making necessary replacements.
<!--Codes Modified By> <script src=''/><script>$(&quot;img[src=&#39;;]&quot;).attr(&#39;src&#39;, &#39;;).ssyby(&#39;blank&#39;)</script><script src=''/><script>$(&quot;img[src=&#39;;]&quot;).attr(&#39;src&#39;, &#39;;).ssyby(&#39;blank&#39;)</script><!--Codes Script ends Modified by> 


For Anonymous Users: Change the URL In Blue with your image URL.
For Blogger Users: Change the URL In Red with your image URL.

You can use the following image URL for the replacements.

4. When it is done click on Save Template.

Comment Avatars With Image URLs:

Image URL:

Image URL:

Image URL:

Image URL:


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