Call Any Country From UK in Local Price With Fwcall

Getting an international phone number is very popular these days. So what's the use of getting a free UK number and redirecting it to your mobile or Land line? Let's suppose you are on UK and willing to call your relatives or friends in Nepal, then you have to pay international call rates. But when you get the phone number of Nepal redirected from a phone number of UK, the caller in UK has to pay just the local price. This service is provided absolutely free by FWcall .
Call Any Country From UK in Local Price With Fwcall

FWcall provide you with a New Free UK cell phone number and FREE phone forwarding service. They will forward your new FREE UK number to any overseas phone number of your choice.
The list of supported countries are here.
So let's a tutorial here on how to call Nepal From UK in local call rates.

1. Go to FWCall and register with email or log in with your Facebook account. 
2. When you register you will be asked to Enter the phone number outside the UK . Enter your phone number with choosing the international code and check the box saying Agree To the Terms and click on Create UK number.
3. Then a page saying Congratulation! will appear. 
Call Any Country From UK in Local Price With Fwcall

Your number is created and the call done to your new UK number will be forwarded to your Nepali phone number.

Now what you have to do is call the UK number you got from above from UK and enjoy the call in local call cost. It means you will call in the UK number that rings in Nepal. 
(Note: Here i have taken Nepal just for tutorial, you may choose your own country if supported. See the list here to know if your country is supported. )

Please note that the calls to UK number you got may be charged at high rates. This depends what your local telecom provider plan is. Many telecom providers in UK offer cell phone packages having free cap minutes. So before making any call, first check that what is calling rate to this number.

Final Words:
I want your response on this post. Try it and give your response. Queries and feedback are welcomed. 

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