Simple and Easy Proven Ways To Make Money Online

Like others are you also spending your precious time online in just online gaming, Chatting or doing other stupid stuffs. My Recent post on 10 Interesting Facts About The Internet says that "People who use social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will use 10% of their entire life time on these sites." So are too wasting your 10% on these stupid stuffs. After spending these precious hours being online, what you get?? Just nothing. So why not utilize these precious hours in making money online. Yes, you heard it right. You can do so.
It may somehow increase the rate of self employment. These steps will helps you earn some pocket money. These are so simple that you can start earning without the professional knowledge of online earning.

Simple And Easy Ways You Can Earn Online

Let's start it.

1. Create YouTube Videos and Monetize them:

You already know that, YouTube is the online videos portal. You may also have heard that you can earn with YouTube monetization program. What you have to do is create some YouTube videos (must be the original ones) and monetize them. Create youtube videos that you are interested at. You may sing songs or create tutorials. When you have done this enable monetization in Nepal or unsupported countries.  Then get a hosted adsense account with youtube for free. Now you will start earning for every click made by the viewers on the ads that are shown on the side and on the video.

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2. Join PTC sites:

PTC sites refer to paid to click sites. What you have to do is join a ptc site and it will show you some ads and you will be paid to click or view the ads for some seconds. The best thing about joining a PTC site doesn't need any training. You should know just to make a click and i am sure you can do that. Paid to click sites helps to make money online by viewing Ads, doing tasks, paid surveys, surfing etc. It is the most easy and reliable way to make money online. Most important these paid to click sites are free to join.
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3. Create a blog and Start earning:

A blog is a simple website. This is the way for which you have to work a bit but once you are well established in blogosphere then it may be the best way of earning online. Create a blog first on the topic or niche that you are interested in and sign up for CPM or CPC sites like adsense and start earning. This way is just like earning with YouTube videos. Adsense is just not the way to earn from a blog, you may join other advertising networks as a publisher to make money from the blog.

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You may be interested in writing that too controlled writing. You can earn money by writing articles in Hubpages. For this you must have the best writing skill. They don't pay you for writing an article but you earn from Adsense as from your own blog. Not only adsense but there are other monetizing methods like amazon and eBay associates and affiliates. But remember you must have best writing skill in the topic you are writing an article.

5. Get paid By Answering Questions:

If you are good at anything, you may help others by answering their queries. What if you can earn money by answering queries. You may join WebAnswers and answer others questions. After you have answered 50 question you can create an adsense account and you will get paid to the ads clicked on your featured answers. 

6. Data Entry Jobs:

This is one of the mostly used online job done online. You have to join such sites and you are provided with the data and you have to type the text, format the aricle and remove mistakes. Though it seems tedious it's worth considering.

7. Play Games to Make Money:

I know many of us are online here to play online games. Do you know that you can make money by playing games online? Yes it is true. There are some websites that give you some bucks playing games. There are some sites that give you money for Reviewing the Games,Completing surveys and For referring Friends as well. Some play and win and earn sites are:

Final Words:

These are some of the ways you can earn money online in only some easy steps. There may be other ways to make money online. You may assist us by writing us the other ways to make money online. Let us know which of these ways were the best way for you. Waiting for your response, queries and feedback on comments.

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  1. I will try all these ways.. Thank you for the post..

  2. ClixSense is a very popular get-paid-to website.

  3. Did you know that a lot of people are earning $250 to $750 for a minute of their time just recording their voice on a computer?


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