What Happens In an Internet Minute?

The duration of 60 seconds is called 1 minute. You will be amazed to know what can happen in a minute on the internet world. Intel had posted an info graphic on 2013 on this issue. So i attempted to collect those information. It is one of the most interesting fact for me and hope it will be the same for you. Lets see what happens in just a minute in internet.
What Happens In an Internet Minute?
Source: Intel

One Minute on Internet:

1. More than 2 millions queries are searched on Google.
2. 30 hours long video is uploaded and about 1.3 million videos are watched on YouTube.
3. About 277,000 users log in to their account on Facebook and more than 6 million views are made.
4. More than 320 new Twitter accounts are opened and more than 100,000 tweets are made.
5. About 20 millions photos are viewed on Flickr.
6. 100+ New LinkedIn accounts are opened.
7. Sales worth 83,000$ is made on Amazon.
8. More than 1300 people arise as new mobile users.
9. About 204 million emails are sent.
10. 6 New Wikipedia articles are posted.
11. 47,000 apps are downloaded.
12. About 639,800 GB data is transferred in one minute.
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  Source: Intel


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