How to Merge Two Facebook Pages to One?

Facebook pages is an awesome feature by Facebook for brand owners, Public Figures, Websites or just common people. But if you have many pages of same categories or of different categories then you may merge them to one. The awesome thing about merging pages is that the likes of pages are combined to new page. Just make sure that your pages have following requirements:
  • The pages have same "Name".
  • You are the admin of the pages you want to merge.
If you want to get more likes to your Facebook page linked to your blog or web site try using a light pop up Facebook Like Box. Refer to the article below:
If you have the above requirements then proceed to the steps below. 
(In this tutorial we are merging two pages named "Be Awesome" keeping the final web address of page )

1. First log in to your Facebook profile and navigate to your page. Then from left side bar of the page click on pencil icon of the About tab click on Edit. OR just click on Settings from top of the page.

2.  Click on General Settings from left side of the Settings page. 
3. Click on Edit on Merge Pages option. And then click on Merge Duplicate pages.

It will show the pages having the same name as your page. 
4. Select the pages you want to merge to the main page.  And click on Merge Pages button.
5. Now it will ask for your confirmation if you really want to merge pages. Click Merge Pages button to proceed further.
6. Now choose the URL of the new merged page. And finally click on Merge Pages.
7. Finally enter your password and you're done.
Make sure that you copy all your posts before merging a page to other. 


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