Best Ways to Generate Great Blog Topics and New Ideas For Your Blog

IF you are a blogger, you may be always in the search of new topics for your blog. Believe me, once you start blogging, you will be struggling to write on the trending and great topics. If you are struggling to be great content ideas then this post may help you to some extent. Its important to generate new content continually to keep your viewers engaged. So finding what your readers love will ultimately boost up your site's rank and users engagement in your site. Here is a list of a few ways that will help you get great topics and ideas for your next post.
Best Ways to Get Great Blog Topics and New Ideas For Your Blog

1. Google Alerts:

It is one of the services by google which enables you to get new topic about the keywords you set the alert about. Set an alert with few keywords related to your site and it will deliver the stories direct to your email address. Read the headlines and keep the links for future use. When you get stories on a related topic, you can surely write an appropriate post on that topic.
Best Ways to Get Great Blog Topics and New Ideas For Your Blog

2. Subscribe to Your Competitors:

I subscribe and read my competitors. Every blogger get new ideas and topics for their new blog post. If you subscribe your competitors' blog you can get new ideas and topics about your new blog post. If you are writing a new post on the same topic you can include their link as well.

3. Get Ideas From Audience:

You don't have to rush for new ideas every time. Ask your audience and collect the topics they would like to read. Read the comment section, replies on twitter and other social media. Listen them when they are talking and that's it. Believe me, you'll get enough ideas and topics to write on. 

4. Read Comments on Other's Blog:

The #3 only works when you have enough visitors and viewers in your blog. In some cases, though having enough audience your blog may not be interactive. In that case, read your competitors comments or the comments on blogs that rank well on the blogosphere.  

5. Take Ideas From National Newspapers and Magazine:

Newspapers and magazines have stories on all topics. Whatever may be your blog niche, you may get new ideas for your blog. Read out the posts on daily newspapers and magazine and get started on the new topic. There are more chances for you to write on a trending topic when you get ideas from newspapers.

6. Keywords Research:

Do a keyword research on the keywords related to your blog and get enough ideas for your blog. I suggest for keyword research. Type the topic and you'll get a big list of topics that people search on google and other media. Scan the results and write on the topic you like. 
Best Ways to Get Great Blog Topics and New Ideas For Your Blog

7. Attend An Event:

I attend different events about Info Tech to get new ideas for my blog. You can also attend events, meetings, seminars and other programs that may help you out in your bogging.

8. Share Experiences: 

Every time you don't need great topics to make a blast. Write about your own experiences if if you think it is a small one. You can post about anything and people will read it, because its unique and interesting. Be truthful while sharing your experiences.

9. Quora Questions:

Quora is an online Q&A portal. You can get best trending topics with humorous verse and clarified description of the topics. Its absolutely free and easy to use. What you have to do is Sign up for an account and search the topics related to your blog. The result page will show the links to popular questions related to the keywords. The unanswered questions are your golden opportunity to write on your blog. Also you can see the questions with answers and get ideas for the posts.

10. Hire a Guest:

When everything fails, you'll have to burrow other's brain. Hire a guest to write a post on your blog.

Final Words:

I think this will help you out getting new, best and great ideas and topics for your blog. Please let us know if this helped. Leave your queries and feedback on the comments section.


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