How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card For Free? Plus 25$ Bonus

If you are an online worker, you must have known how much it is important for you to get credit card. You might have problems to to make online transactions securely and safely. If you are an online marketer you will need to have a secure and available payment option. In many of the countries it is not a problem to get payment through Paypal, which is the most widely used payment option. But it is still unavailable in the countries like Nepal. This is the point where many bloggers, freelancers and online workers give up. When i started as a newbie I was frustrated for not getting an appropriate method for payment but later i got to know about this awesome service. There are many services to earn online, but it becomes a trouble for most of us (who are working from countries where Paypal or any other payment option is not available) to get the payment from those services even after the hard work. This service will help you get a free MasterCard from Payoneer.


Payoneer is an online service that provides you a free prepaid card. It is supported in more than 200 countries. Once the funds are available, you can purchase online in stores, ATMs and wherever MasterCard is accepted.
How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card For Free?

Benefits of transferring funds with the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Card:

  • It reduces your time and cost for making transactions.
  • It is supported in more than 200 countries of the world. 
  • It is absolutely safe and secure.
  • Obviously it is quick. You can get the cash in 2 hours in your hands.
  • It is supportive and multi lingual support system helps you to get effective help.

Steps To Apply For The MasterCard:

Step 1: Go to Payoneer homepage. There you will see the link to sign up. Click on this link to sign up and you'll receive 25$ as bonus. Be sure to go through this link.
How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card For Free?
Step 2: Now fill up your personal details in the next step. Enter name on whose the name the card will be shipped and your date of birth. BE sure that you are 18 years or older before applying for the card. (In such case you can enter your parents name and DOB.) Then click Next.
How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card For Free?
Step 3: In this step you will have to enter your contact details. Enter your country and the address where your card will be shipped and your phone number. Enter your address as the format shown below for better results.
How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card For Free?

Then enter your Contact number and click on next.
Step 3: In this step you have enter your Security details. Enter password (remember this you will have to sign in with this password and email entered before). And also choose a security question and answer it. It may be used if you lost your account details.
How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card For Free?
Step 4: This is the final step. In this step you'll have to verify your personal information. You can use three types of government ID to verify your details. Choose one from Driver's licence/National ID/Passport and enter ID number and other info (if required) and check the options that says that you accept all TOS, rates and privacy policy. In some cases you may have to upload your National ID copy. In that case get a scan copy of that and send it to payoneer. Then click on Order.
How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card For Free?

Step 5: You'll receive a confirmation email to your email address that they have received your application. In some time you will receive an email saying your Application has been approved. Now what you have to do is wait for your card to be shipped to you through post box. 

Activate Your MasterCard:

After receiving your master card you'll have to activate it. For this log in to your payoneer account using your email and password. Next click on Activate. Next click on card activation.

How to Get Payoneer Master Debit Card For Free?

Now enter the required details such as card number and PIN. Then you will get your card activated.

Final Words:

You're done. Now you can link your payoneer account with many of the sites and load money in it. You can withdraw the amount through the local ATMs. Once you reached 100$ you will get 25$ as bonus.

Please let me know if this helped. You can leave your queries in the comment section below. :)

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