6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Youtube Views

6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Youtube Views

The world of Internet would not be complete without videos. And the most popular video sharing and viewing site, YouTube has given the world a reason to capture and record most precious moments of our lives. YouTube is the home of simple home-made videos up to corporate-produced short films. Number of views matters in YouTube because it has a real time video views counter. And people love to earn views in YouTube. For some, YouTube has been their passport for stardom, and some gained more sales through videos uploaded on this site.
Many people who upload video think that after putting the file on the site, they just need to sit back and wait for the views to reach millions and achieve their goals in uploading the videos. There are ways to improve your YouTube videos view. Wondering what these ways are? Worry no more, as I hand to you the six secret ways to gain more real YouTube views. Let’s reveal them and make them secret no more!

  1. Add Annotations
6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Youtube Views

OK, many of us think the popping out texts in the videos we are viewing on YouTube, formally called as the annotations, and are just annoying things and a disturbance in our watching experiences. But these annotations can really help you in gaining more viewers. Annotations usually redirect viewers to the subscribing page or the other videos of the uploader. In such way, it becomes easier to catch people’s attention about your other videos because I am hundred percent sure that you still have other videos that should gain real YouTube views. If your YouTube account is built for your company, annotations can forward you to your various social media accounts, such as facebook and twitter where you can also share your YouTube videos. Also, annotations can send you in your personal website which can help you introduce the viewer and give more information about your product, campaign, and the thing you are promoting and showing on your videos. Just make sure that your annotation should appear descent and not an interruption to someone’s viewing. You can put it at the beginning of every video, or lend a couple of seconds for the appearance of annotations, or add it on the last part of the video where you can ask them to check out for more videos and subscribing to your channel by clicking the annotations.

  1. Grow Your Fan base and Network on YouTube
6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Youtube Views

YouTube is a video-viewing site. But like any other social media site in the online world, building and gaining fans and friends are very important to increase the number of views of your videos. You need to get their attention and interest to view and subscribe to your videos. There are many ways to gain friends and loyal viewers in YouTube. Respond to their comments in a very respectful manner whatever the tone of their comments is. You can also compliment other's video and send them private messages as appreciation. This maybe a slow process but can really help you in gaining loyal viewers.
After gaining loyal viewers, you need to convince them to be your subscriber. A subscriber will surely help you in boosting your views because when someone subscribed on your account, the newly uploaded videos will appear on someone's welcome page in YouTube. Uploading interesting videos and doing the steps listed above to gain friends can also gain you subscribers.

  1. Make sure to Tag and Describe Your Videos Properly
6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Youtube Views

For some people who upload video, filling out the description is just an additional job and sometimes, do not give much value to it. But the descriptions and tags can help you to improve your video’s views. According to studies, most of the search is done through these search options: tags and texts. You need to fill out the description page and add as many important tags on your videos. You can include your brand’s name if it is a promotional video, use personal tagging, and also the general YouTube define categories. Also, use the YouTube auto-suggest feature. When typing a specific tag, there are suggestions that may appear which can be helpful in having relevant tags. You can use as many as tags as possible, so if you think that many tags suggestions can help you, include them all of them!
Having a good description of your videos can help. Make a little introduction of your videos. Add links that can be relevant to the videos they ar

e viewing, or third party websites that they can follow or like to get updated on your latest videos. You can also add some channels links that you and your company are affiliated of.
YouTube is a Google company, and these two are the biggest and most used search engine in the Internet. So making the most out of the tags and texts search engines can help you make more searchable not only in YouTube but also in Google.

  1. Using Thumbnails and Appealing Titles
6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Youtube Views

YouTube videos views can increase through the help of good thumbnails and title of the videos. Okay, let’s describe first what is thumbnail. Thumbnails are the little images that come out when you search a video or the ones in display. In uploading videos, it has an option of which image or portion of your video will appear as a thumbnail of the video. You should choose an appealing and appropriate part of the video as your thumbnail. It can help the viewers in picking your video and view it. Remember that whenever they search of a video, most probably, a hundred more related videos will appear. So it is better to have that advantage of having a very relevant image on the thumbnail. It is like viewing photos in social media. If people cannot decide in which videos to view, they are looking at the thumbnails. So in other words, thumbnails affect their decision.
Also, thinking of an appealing title could help. It can help your video to be searched more. If it is a simple real YouTube video, you can add fun and humor to it. You can also use trending words and phrases in giving titles. If it is a corporate video, add a title which is relevant to the core content of the video and be direct to what the audience can get in viewing your video. Think of giving a title or headline in an essay article or news report. You just need to integrate an additional ingredient to the title to capture more attention than just plain titles.

  1. The Power of Embed and Share
6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Youtube Views

It is undeniable that aside from YouTube, other websites can gain your videos more views. If you have a blog, you can embed the video from YouTube and share it to your site. You can also add relevant article to give the viewers more information about the video. In addition to that, you can share your videos to social media sites such as Facebook and twitter. You can also add your channel’s link on the bio or about of different social network sites. If you have joined a public discussion in various social messaging applications, you can also send them your videos links. Do it every time you are uploading videos. Or as much as possible, do it continuously. If you have Facebook fan page, make it a habit to share your videos. Videos in social media attract viewers. Remember that sharing gives you more, like in real life. So do not forget to share to get real YouTube views.

  1. Pay for YouTube Views
6 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Youtube Views

If you have enough budget to buy real YouTube views, you should do it to improve your views. Yes, it is possible to buy YouTube views. There are lots of website in the internet that enable you to pay for YouTube views. Pay for YouTube views effortlessly now as these websites offer reasonable price to get you more audience. Just inspect the credibility of a company that you will be in partnership with. Read many reviews in the internet on what companies you can trust in providing your real YouTube views. These companies market your videos to your target customers and give you the exposure you need. They send videos to third party networks such as their advertising network, website, social media accounts, and even on their blog sites. In this way, your videos can also gain more thumbs up and even subscribers that can be your loyal viewers.

As a conclusion, these secret ways and tips can really help you in gaining views in YouTube. These ways can give you a hundred to thousands, or even million views. You can simply enhance your ways of uploading and managing the videos in your YouTube account, share them to your different social media accounts, or even buy real YouTube views. But never forget to include interesting contents on your videos that can really gain you more followers. So get started now, think of a good video concept, upload it, do the six tips above, and gain more views!


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