A Complete Guide To Become A Dreamhost Affiliate To Earn Money

In our last Affiliate program post, we discussed how you can earn money with Bluehost Affiliate program. In this post you'll learn how to start earning with another web hosting affiliate program. 
DreamHost is one of the best web hosting provider and domain registrar. It is one of the leading web host in shared web hosting, VPS web hosting and other hosting plans as well. It is the web hosting for WordPress. It provides an affiliate program with which you can make a handsome earning for just referring your friends, relatives, loved ones or even strangers to buy a hosting plan from them. 
A Complete Guide To Become A Dreamhost Affiliate To Earn Money

Something about DreamHost Web hosting:

Dreamhost is one of the best shared, VPS web hosting program. With this you can get your free domain with web hosting plan for one year. IF you want to go with the DreamHost web hosting program use the following link to get hosting in cheap price :

How much Can I earn With DreamHost Affiliate Program?

Your earning depends on the sales you can make through your affiliate link. You can either take one time 97$ per sale or 10% on the lifetime expense that your affiliate make on hosting through your link. You can make the payout through Check or by Paypal. They are obviously one of the best web hosting affiliate program.

How to Get Started?

To get started with DreamHost Affiliate program is an easy task to make money online. Follow the simple steps and you'll be ready to make dollars.
1. Go to DreamHost Affiliate Program Page. You'll see an interface as below. Click on Sign up Today button.
A Complete Guide To Become A Dreamhost Affiliate To Earn Money

2. When you have  created the account the account you're ready to refer the audience and make money through it. Log in with your credentials and start referring the people to buy hosting from your link. It is one of the highest paying affiliate program and pay 97$ per each affiliate sales you make(if no discount coupon is given).

How To Promote Affiliate Link To Earn Money?

This is the most important part to make money. Every one can get an affiliate account but to make money with this program you have to promote this link and make your visitors buy web hosting plan from your affiliate link. The following ways can help you get more affiliate sales.

1. Give Discount Coupons to your Blog Readers:

UPDATE: The promo coupon system have been eliminated from dreamhost.

People love discounts. And when you can get the same hosting for some discounted price who will like to pay the whole amount. So create some promo codes for your audience so that they are lured to create a web hosting plan. But the amount you give as discount will be deducted from your commission i.e.(97$-Discount Amount) will be your earned commission. 
If you want to get a hosting account in cheap rate, then use the link below to register a hosting account:

So let's create a discount coupon code. 
Log in to Dreamhost Panel with your credentials. And under the rewards option you'll see Create Your Own Promo Codes option.
A Complete Guide To Become A Dreamhost Affiliate To Earn Money
Now click on Create option to create your own promo codes. Create a simple promo code with meaningful name as like our coupon code ETRICKS is from our own blog.  Under the This Promo Code's Discount Section put the amount you'll like to give your customers as discount. I suggest you to give 50$ as discount as it is a decent discount to the customers and you'll also earn 47$ as commission. Then click on Create This Promo Code Now option.

2. Link Your Discount on your Affiliate link:

You're given a unique affiliate link under the rewards option.
A Complete Guide To Become A Dreamhost Affiliate To Earn Money
In my case the affiliate link is http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?2135957
To add discount to your referral link add the discount code after the link. For my coupon code ETRICKS it will be http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?2135957ETRICKS .
Whenever the user signs up through this link. s/he will get the discount without entering the discount code.
You can share these coupon codes and affiliate link through blogs as tutorials and through social media or emails. You can ask your friends to register with your coupons to get the affiliate commissions. You can add a banner to the sidebar of your blog. And share your coupon codes through blog posts.

Final Words:

You're now all set to make money with this affiliate program. Please do let me know if this help you out. Queries and feedback are welcomed in the comment section. 

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