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Today, every company or individual that owns a website wants to capture the top position in variety of search engines. Social media sites play a vital role in Internet marketing. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. are places where people flock like birds. Any internet marketing expert would love to tap this gold mine. This is not an easy task at all as several marketing experts are running after the same target of capturing the number one position. Increasing followers and then converting them to potential visitors to website is a specialized job and needs special strategy. If a person takes the case of Twitter and learns the variety of special techniques required to increase Twitter followers then there is nothing to stop him or her from becoming an internet marketing expert.
Twitter is considered as one of the top social media sites with huge number of subscribers. To tap these subscribers, there are several good techniques that need to be followed. One thing is for certain and that is never to try those cheap spammy software’s available in the market because those will definitely give negative effect in the long run. Followers cannot be increased within a day but proper technique will definitely give the desired result over a period of time. Some of the special techniques to increase Twitter followers are discussed below.
  • More posting means more followers: This is the basic technique for increasing the number of followers. It is common sense that more postings will attract more people and reach out to more probable followers. More time spent on the social site will help in creating more relations with variety of people from different spheres. Constant tweeting is bound to make the person an expert in this sphere and with experience, the quality of tweet is bound to improve. Definitely, constant tweeting means more time spent for this purpose on this site. Time will come wherein numerous followers will go rushing through and that is the ultimate target.
  • Sharing positive updates: The tone of a person’s update definitely has an effect on the people following or reading those updates. Giving positive updates will surely attract more people and that is the main requirement. These people will automatically become followers. Whenever a negative comment is made about any subject, the response is bound to be negative. A person should avoid projecting himself as gloomy, violent or annoyed. This will repulse those that would have become the person’s follower.
  • Reply to tweets of others openly: This is also an important technique for increasing Twitter followers. Replying to others openly increases a person’s visibility among other users. This will definitely result in the increase of the number of followers. This technique helps in getting noticed among users. When the users find the person’s comment positive and useful, they tag along by becoming followers. Care should always be taken while replying, so that the replies are not blunt or out of context.
  • Never self promote: This is one of the biggest mistake people do when they self promote themselves. Nobody likes to hear or see other people’s self-promotion. So if this is done, it will never increase the number of followers. It may as well take away some of the followers that have been there with you for a long time. Only when people get valuable information through a person’s tweet do they like to stick along by following him or her. This signifies that a person needs to be important to others without self promoting.
  • Avoid sending 140 character Twitter messages: For a single Twitter message, only 140 characters are allowed. A person should use maximum 100 characters for creating the tweet and leave the remainder for those who are going to retweet. Many people prefer to comment while retweeting rather than using the RT button available. This will obviously create more conversation and thus result in increased number of followers. If all 140 characters are used, then people will not be able to put their comments in there.
  • Tweeting at the right time: A person should know the time when the maximum number of people is online. Tweeting at the right time is better than tweeting throughout the day. During this timeframe, a Tweet would reach the maximum number of people and hence the probability of getting more Twitter follower increases. So it is very essential to have the timing perfect to get the desired result.
  • Creating Hashtags (#): This is another simple technique which can increase Twitter followers very swiftly. Hashtags actually serves the purpose of linking a person’s comment with the related topic. Participating in important topics will bring more like-minded people together and they will love to become a follower pretty soon.
  • Diversify: A person should always try to mix up his tweet types so that it does not become one- dimensional and boring. If new subjects can be discussed each day, then people from different spheres of life will start taking interest and become followers. So it is important for a person to never get obsessed with one type of tweet. Rather, it is better to diversify and this is surely going to bring a great jump in the number of followers.
If a person tries all the eight techniques discussed above, then it will not a big issue increasing the number of followers. If it is a blog for which Twitter follower is required, then these techniques are the perfect ones to try and succeed. In case of those people who are actually into the business of selling something, these techniques are similarly useful. To increase Twitter followers means to increase the number of buyers in time. The conversion rate does depend upon other factors but the followers will definitely be pouring in. So targets of variety of people may differ but one thing is common and that is increasing the number of Twitter followers. So start using these techniques and hopefully it will be a happy hunting ground.


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