Best Free Online Tools To Create a Professional Infographic



Infographics or information graphics are the visual representation of the information. Infographics are intended to present and understand the information clearly and easily. You may have seen professional blogs use the images and graphics to make you understand the information clearly. Infographs have evolved in the recent years as a media of mass communication as well.

Why Should You Use InfoGraphics?

As we just discussed earlier images can better reveal the theme of your posts rather than just words. A few scroll on your infographs and you understand the ideas rather than going through a long post of 1000 words. Plus, people who enjoy your information are more likely to share images or graphics rather than your posts.
Best Free Online Tools To Create a Professional Infographic

Free Online Tools To Create an Infographic:

Not every one are professional to create infographic from a scratch. So there are tools on internet with which you can create your own infographs. In this article, here is a list of some tools which can help you share your ideas visually with information graphics.

1. is a basically online tool to create online resume. Create a resume that is beautiful, fun and fun that too in few clicks. This could be the tool which shows you how the resume will be portrayed in future. Its easy and free tool to create your graphics and especially your resume by connecting it with your linked in profile.
Best Free Online Tools To Create a Professional Infographic

2. is yet another way to create online presentations, animations and banners in HTML5. Its free and every one(individuals, communicators and executives) can use it.  It is the multi tool you can use to create infographics, reports, product demos, web banners etc. It is a simple tool to create engaging content that displays anywhere.  You have millions of pictures to use from Flickr, 100+ fonts and many icons and graphics.
Best Free Online Tools To Create a Professional Infographic

3. Pliktochart

Pliktochart is an online tool to create easy infographics, reports and presentations. This is simple tool that even non-designers can create beautiful infographics in low than 10 minutes. It has point and click editor which makes it easy to use. You can use from over 400 templates, icons and graphics. Use available images or upload your own. Create professional infographics for free. You can even upgrade to a pro account if you like their service.
Best Free Online Tools To Create a Professional Infographic

4. Easelly

Easelly is a yet another tool to create and share visual ideas online. It has drag and drop feature to create fun infographics. You can use the template from their extensive library or put your own background image and start from scratch.The tool also let you to upload your own graphics and position them with one touch.
Best Free Online Tools To Create a Professional Infographic

5. Venngage

Venngage is an online infographics tool to create your custom infographics and at the same time engage and track your visitors. You can visualize data with chart, maps and icons. You can use drag and drop feature to create your graphics.
Best Free Online Tools To Create a Professional Infographic


Use the above tools to create your beautiful, informative and communicating graphics with the tools and engage your audience. Try them out and find which one works better for you.
Happy Blogging! :)


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