Boost Your Youtube Views With These Tips


Boost Your Youtube Views With These Tips

Given that YouTube remains as a leading contender in social media networking, millions of YouTube users have achieved the popularity and traffic they are enjoying right now through posting videos on this particular social media site. But as all YouTube users know, getting the attention they need for their videos through boosting their YouTube views is not an easy task. It requires dedication, creativity and most importantly the knowledge of the right kind of information, the latter of which, fortunately for you, I have conveniently covered here.

In this article I have compiled largely basic but significantly useful tips for generating the most views and the most traffic for your YouTube videos, which I have classified under two specific portions of your YouTube account management process: Creating your video and managing your video.

Creating your video

Sparking real interest from your viewers is the only way to produce an enormous amount of real YouTube views, and yes there are fake, bot-operated YouTube views which we will tackle later on this article from real viewers. To do this, you have to work on the most important aspect of your video creating process – your videos’ content and quality. These two key qualities define great and successful YouTube videos, so working to achieve them must be prioritized at all times.
Successfully prioritizing this will lead to an increase in overall impact, and eventually YouTube views, for your videos.

Here I have listed specific tips that may help in the pre-posting process of the videos you need to boost viewership with.

  1. Conduct your research.

Doing your researches about all the necessary information for establishing a great video and a great following is a crucial step in boosting your YouTube views for your videos. Your research should include your target audience, optimum location posting, audience interest etc.

  1. Create an attention-grabbing, Search Engine Optimized name.

Having a well-crafted and entertaining video is absolutely futile if you cannot draw enough attention through its title. Also, use a keyword for the first word of your video’s title. This will help in boosting its Search Engine Result performance.

  1. Provide a description.

Most YouTube users overlook this step simply because they think it is insignificant and unnecessary. According to a recent survey made in 2015, 46 percent of YouTube users prefer videos with succinct, accurate descriptions accompanying them.

Take the time to give a brief overview of what your video is all about in the description. Make sure you also place your complete contact information and backlinks to your other videos just in case your viewers might grow interested in clicking them.

You can also take advantage of this information by including relevant Search Engine Optimizing keywords in the first 25 words of the description.

  1. Create an appropriate thumbnail.

The thumbnails of your videos are usually the most used photo reference in search engines. Therefore, you have to make sure it grabs the attention of all potential viewers.

Your viewers will use your video thumbnail a basis of its respective content, so make sure you make your thumbnail an accurate depiction of what lies inside your video.

Additionally, do not trick your potential viewers with misleading thumbnails. While initially generating views, it poses more harmful damage to your reputation in the long term, which will eventually lead to a decline of viewership in general.

  1. Use tags.
Your video’s tags should define the content and nature of your video. This means you cannot include irrelevant, misleading and inaccurate tags in your video. In addition to this, you must have at least 6 tags, some of which should be relevant keywords for Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Inject music to your video.

Proper injection of background music and sounds can subconsciously make your video interesting and appealing to watch for your viewers. Always set an appropriate tone for the video by adding specific kinds of music and sounds.

  1. Include surprises in your videos.

Since the duration of your viewer’s video watching is factored in YouTube’s algorithm for search engine result performance, you have to make sure your viewers watch up until the end of your videos. You can achieve this by creating and placing unpredictable segments in all your videos. In this manner your viewers have more reasons to stick around and are encouraged to stay and keep watching your videos.

  1. Do collaborations with other personalities.

Cross-promotion by collaboration is a great way of tapping into the fan bases of other personalities and adding them to your own viewer count. You can have other YouTube celebrities to star in, write or produce your next video to entice their audience to watch your videos too.

  1. Include call-to-actions in your videos.

Always challenge and involve your viewers by including call-to-actions in all your videos. You can do this by encouraging your viewers to like, share and comment on your video. This will also prove to be an asset for search engine optimization since YouTube factors in engagement from your viewers in its search engine ranking algorithm. You can also keep the interactivity alive and continually increasing by responding to your viewers.

Managing your video

After breaking down the ingredients for a perfect YouTube video and creating one, you now have to make sure it follows through by managing and promoting it well. Since proper promotion and management is all about sparking the most interest from the widest possible audience, without proper promotion and management, your time and effort in creating the perfect YouTube video will inevitably be futile and useless since it cannot generate the YouTube views you seek.

Here, I have listed a few ways to effectively promote your videos to increase its views.

  1. Engage your viewers.

The most important resource you have for developing a successful channel and generating the most views is your audience. Cultivating this resource then should be your top priority. You can do this by actively trying to maintain the interest and interactivity you have with your viewers to keep them coming back for more and giving you more views.

YouTube factors in engagement with your viewers in its algorithm for ranking videos like yours into its search engine so make sure you ask your viewers to like, share and comment on your videos. Do maintain this interactivity by responding to your viewers immediately. You can also embed your videos in your comments and other third-party sites.

  1. Use other avenues of promotion.

You should not limit yourself with having YouTube as your only option of promoting your video and increasing its views. You can also use other popular social media networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. to capitalize on their respective audiences and traffic.

You can also create your own blog. Creating your own blog allows you to post content on a regular basis with the advantage of customization. You can set up your blog to tailor to the nature of your YouTube channel and your videos. You can install specific widgets and include backlinks to provide all your potential viewers easy access to your video. Do this well and this will effectively add your blog following to your YouTube video viewers.

  1. Increase the number of your subscribers.

Your subscribers have the fastest and easiest access to your videos and your YouTube account. Therefore, increasing your subscriber count can directly increase your traffic and exposure for your videos and your YouTube channel.

  1. Consider having to pay for YouTube views.

Since the demand for popularity through social media has considerably increased, it is now possible to pay for YouTube views. You can choose from two ways of doing this: you can either pay for fake YouTube views or you can pay for real YouTube views.

It is definitely riskier to choose the first option to pay for YouTube views as opposed to paying for real YouTube views since it hacks and manipulates the system into generating views for your videos.

If you do not feel comfortable with putting your videos and your channel at risk, you can opt to buy real YouTube views. Some providers offer to let buy real YouTube views from real YouTube viewers. To buy real YouTube views this way is significantly safer and should have less repercussions compared to bots and sketchy view providers.

In order to pay for YouTube views in both ways, however, you have to make sure you find a safe and reliable views provider. YouTube can and will detect a discrepancy in your viewer count if you do this poorly, which can lead to your possible YouTube account termination. Executing this properly however can positively boost the number of views.

Hopefully by the end of this article you can already apply all these tips to your videos and more importantly you should understand the underlying principles of each step to significantly increase your views for all your videos.

So what are you waiting for?

Go out there and be the next YouTube sensation!


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