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The video-sharing giant of the internet, YouTube, is notorious for being a hub of cat-lovers and cats themselves. It hosts the majority of videos shared on the internet. If it is a blog, or a website, almost everyone uploads the video on YouTube to share the link.

What makes YouTube a great place for both big and small businesses is its cost – it is very inexpensive and it can reach millions of people through the internet. YouTube only requires a creative mind, a camera, and a product to feature. Nevertheless, before moving on, you should consider these points:

Some Things To Keep In Mind When Using YouTube For Advertising

Behind all these tools, there are also some things that you need to keep in mind when making advertisement videos on YouTube:

Brevity: The video must be short and must have high quality content. As Business Insider says, the attention span of YouTube users is very short, so a video should not exceed 3 minutes.
Soft tone: What users should get is a soft call to action most of the times since YouTube users mostly come to watch videos of their interest. Hence, your video should not be too hard for a call to action, as it will estrange your audience.
Pre-plan and sticking with it: Before making a video, plan before hand and stick with it. This allows for a lot of extra time and energy that you can use for other projects.
Creativity: It is a gigantic library of videos so there is lots of competition among the advertisers. A video ad must be creative in order to entertain the viewer. Whether it makes them cry, laugh, or feel excited, it should at least convince them of something.

Using tools to boost your YouTube view count is relatively easy. These are some of the prerequisites that you must adhere to:

Now that you have been successful in making your video product to promote your website, getting enough viewership may not be achieved right from the start. On the contrary, it is often hard to attract people and get them interested; hence, here are some tools that you can use to meet that end. Though some are genuine ways of getting organic YouTube views, others are ways to pay for YouTube views, which may not be entirely genuine:

YouTube Ads System

Promoting your website on YouTube can be as simple as making a video ad for your product and uploading it on YouTube. This is the easy part – and for most big businesses and celebrities this might work wonders – even if not all are organic YouTube views, as mentioned before. On the other hand, for small businesses and ordinary people, it can be extraordinarily hard to get through the noise and reach out to a meaningful and interested audience. This is where YouTube’s own ad system comes in. However, it does charge a substantial amount – about $0.10 to $0.30 per view count. What differentiates this tool from others is that it offers fully genuine views – you would actually pay for real YouTube views. Moreover, it provides a host of very specific targeting tools for certain geographical locations, age groups, and age groups; it provides a host of different options for you to get good view count and thus, in turn, promotes your company. Here are some of the available options:
Display ads: These ads appear on the right of the video in a rectangular snippet. These ads may come below the player.
Overlay ads: These ads come as semi-transparent overlays to the lower 20% of the video.
Skippable video ads: Ads that come before, during, or after the main video, and can be skipped after 5 seconds.
Non-skippable videos and long, non skippable video ads: Non-skippable ads that come before a video. Can also be long non-skippable ads that extend to 30 seconds long.
For more details on the different ad styles, you can check out this link:

You can also buy specific keywords so that when people type these keywords on YouTube’s search, your video will pop up to them. These keywords can be especially handy when your company has just recently released a new product. Just like Google AdWords, this is a good SEO improving strategy.

Word of Mouth – Specific Cases: Crowd Marketing and Puma

Facebook, Twitter and other networking websites can bring a real impact by providing the option to view your YouTube videos in their respective platforms, thus promoting your company. There are mediators who spread your video around and encourage engagement, for a paid subscription. These services attract your customers by getting influencers together to share your videos to their followers. One such service is by ViralTactic called Crowd Marketing.

A specific example is how Usain Bolt signs a deal with Puma, the German sportswear company, worth $9 million annually. Which means that this strategy can be very profitable if done right, as is evident by the Puma example.

Calls to Action

Calls to action are another way to get real YouTube views, but remember that video quality is a must. You can use soft to hard calls to action incorporated in the beginning, or end of a video for your viewers to boost product sales. In turn, your viewership shall also increase when people inform their friends and family about the product sales and offerings that you provide. For smartphone companies such as LG, this is can be a really effective way of advertising their products.

Devumi and FastFollowerz – Pay for YouTube Views

As it turns out, every big business and celebrity user has used ways to acquire viewership that are sometimes fake. Buy Views Review provides a list of options in paying for real YouTube views. These include Devumi with a price tag of $25 to BuyViews for $19 to 500views for $5. These websites ensure real and organic views for your YouTube videos as well as their safety and realness. For the original article, click this link:

Here is a Reddit thread that confirms celebrities that buy real YouTube views:

Also, there’s another service, called YTViews that you can use to pay for YouTube views, that is, $50 for 60,000 views. Here’s an article that describes in first-person how they got acquainted with the person responsible, and then, how he bought the views:

Social Media – Direct Sharing and Interaction

Though word-of-mouth marketing strategy is a more powerful tool than directly using social media for your YouTube channel, it is nonetheless cheap and even sometimes free if you do not subscribe to more advanced tools such as Facebook Adverts or promoted tweets. These social media websites host an enormous number of people in their websites, thus giving you even more opportunities to gain capital and profit.

A powerful approach can be meeting with partner businesses and joining in the partnership together for mentioning each other’s products and YouTube channels inside parent videos. These results in having a symbiotic influence on both of those companies. Moreover, through mentioning each other’s profiles on social media, the same result can occur.

While social media mightn’t directly improve search ranking on Google, good YouTube viewership does. You can achieve this good viewership through social networking websites. You can also use cross promotional strategies to drive customers from one social media to another, and to YouTube, which is also a way to buy real YouTube views.

Customer Feedback and Lively Discussions

To buy real YouTube views can be easy in terms of the process; nevertheless, continuing to get good viewership can be difficult. Even if the video’s high in quality and also in viewership, in the long-term, engaging with your viewers can be a powerful driving force for other people to ask, comment, and engage with your specific video and product, as a whole. This is a primary method for gamers on YouTube who respond to the commenters, and even make giveaway events for them. A quality customer care and feedback is essential, as it is through this that you can adjust your product design or company strategy according to the specific needs of your audience who tell you that such and such needs adjustment. This can boost customer perception of your company, and also grow your audience, as the current customers will think you care for their feedback.

This article is a general guide on how to promote your business through YouTube. One thing YouTube teaches is that managing social media is an art of its own right. Moreover, it should be taken seriously, even if some of these tools come in cheap. By not releasing quality advertisements for your product, you not only run the risk of less viewership but also might result in discouraging your customers in buying your business product.

As a whole, YouTube is a rich way to promote your company because it mainly hosts videos. Also, Google owns YouTube, which means that your view count has a direct impact on SEO, that can have an impact on your company.


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