Increase Your Earnings Per Click For Adsense With SEMrush

Blogging has been an easy way for most of the internet users to make money online. People work hard to create the best content for their blog and get an Adsense account. Though you get an Adsense account its not easy to earn as you expected. If you work hard with some smartness you can earn much from your blog.
The main way to earn more with Adsense is get more organic traffic. Organic traffic is the volume of site visits from search results. If you can drive more traffic from search results then you can make a handsome amount from Adsense. 
In this post we'll discuss how you can increase your CPC rates with this awesome tool SEMrush . This is a simple trick with which you can earn more than 50$ for just a click.
Increase Your Earnings Per Click For Adsense With SEMrush

How Can You Increase CPC rates for Adsense?

Adsense doesn't pay the same amount for different ads or the CPC rates for different ads are equal. It means you can just increase your earning by using high paying Adsense keywords. The best way you can drive organic traffic is using Long-tail keywords. So when you use high paying Long-tail keywords you can earn more as you get more of the organic traffic.
So you understood how you can increase your earnings along with the organic traffic. So how can get these keywords? You can get these profitable keywords by using an online tool SEMrush. You can get 14 day free trial to use this tool. If this helped you out go through the following banner to get a pro version.


SEMrush is an online unique tool to find profitable keywords to increase your earnings. It helps you find long tail keywords with higher CPC rates. It means work on the keywords as per your research through this tool and increase your eanings.

To Get Started make sure you have the following requirements :
  • A SEMrush account (Get complete 14 day free trial through this link.
  • Some high authority blogs on your niche.

Getting Started:

Now you are ready for the research of high paying long tail keywords on your blog niche.
Log in to your account and enter the name of domain you want to use for getting those keywords.

On the next page click on Organic Keywords. 
Increase Your Earnings Per Click For Adsense With SEMrush
There you'll see a list of keywords associated with the domain. Now sort the list in order of CPC rates of the keywords by clicking on the CPC tab.
Increase Your Earnings Per Click For Adsense With SEMrush

Now note these keywords that you find are appropriate for your blog niche. Interesting thing is that most paying keywords are mostly long tail keywords.
You can repeat the process for finding out the CPC rates for other high authority blogs of your own niche.
When you have a long list of high paying keywords work on these keywords, get a high traffic from the countries like US and increase your earnings.
You can increase earning with these keywords if you get a handsome traffic from countries like US.
If you are ready to get started then use the following link to get 14 day free trial worth 150$ and remember you don't need any payment details to use the free trial from the link below.
If this helped you out you can upgrade your account later to increase your adsense earning in an amazing way.
Please let me know if this helped you. Try a pro version and let us know in comments.



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