Maximize Your Facebook Page Traffic through Advertising

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One of the most recent ways of advertisement is through Facebook Marketing. It comes up with certain unique advertisements; one of them is being target-oriented and is covering both mass and class. It is also not much expensive; even less expensive than a simple notice which attracts only a few local people. Facebook Marketing can be used for local, regional, national and even international markets. That is why more and more people are looking forward to advertise on Facebook.

To get maximum results, the first step is to manage Facebook Management. Facebook Page is used by the brands or businesses to attract more customers. To boost your business, you need to increase traffic on your Facebook Page. Here are some simple Marketing tips to manage Facebook Management and to maximize the traffic on your Facebook Page. Enhance your business with these proven and tested tips.
Maximize Your Facebook Page Traffic through Advertising

Tip #1 Publish engaging content on a regular basis

Regularly publish interesting tips, news and pictures of your products or services so that your customers are kept well-engaged. Publish them several times a week, but never forget to  make them as interesting as you can.  Make sure to add links to your Facebook Page post so that every user can be easily redirected to it.

Tip #2 Create Facebook Advertisements to increase  website traffic

 Facebook Advertisements appear as a larger image and can be clicked easily in the News Feeds on computers and mobiles. They are well designed to get more customers directly to your website.

Tip #3 Have a specific focus

Facebook comes up with many targeting tools to help your specific targets. Your product may be gender specific, age specific, location specific and so on. Target accordingly. This is one among the unique marketing tips to manage Facebook Management and you should best utilize it. Use the information based on gender, location, age and interest and create your ad appropriately.
#4 Consider proper timing on sharing posts
Try to make a publishing routine.  Write and prepare the blogs or ads at a given time and post it at some other time. Prime time is not always the ideal time; sometimes, even you may find it far from ideal. Of course, the importance of quality of content is maximum and has the most impact on driving traffic, but competition in the News Feed must also be considered.

Timing is extremely important when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Definitely, you won’t want to update your post when everyone is at work or when they are sleeping. It would be better to post after work or when people are at leisure. These are the times when people are most likely to check for updates on their social network accounts.

Tip #5 Promote your ads to everyone

Create every possible group from where you can get “likes”. Separate these groups distinctly.  For instance, your friends and relatives, website visitors, Specific website visitors and other groups. Let’s discuss all groups one by one.

1. Your friends and relatives – This group should be your first target. Always try to reach more of them. All your friends and relatives won’t be on Facebook when you originally published the ad, so promotion is helpful.
2. Website Visitors- If you observe the statistics of your traffic, you’ll come to know that the number of website visitors is always more than friends and relatives, which means that there are plenty of people who have read your content recently who don’t already like your page! This shows that targeting this group through the use of Website Custom Audience is important.
3. Specific website visitors- If you have articles that cover distinct topics, it becomes necessary to segment your Website Custom Audiences. You may be wasting money if you promote to all website visitors since some readers may have no interest in particular topics.

Tip #6 Promote to other Groups
You can spend money to reach people who already know who you are. These people are most likely to click “my ads” and want to read “my content”.

 You are supposed to go beyond these groups if:
·         You’ve used  the groups of people closely connected to you.
·         Your ads and posts are performing extremely well.

You should also target the  following:
·         Look Alike Audiences- Target people similar to your friends, website visitors and paying customers.
·         Advanced Demographics and Behaviors
·         Interests

Tip # 7 Ask Questions

Questions are a great way to initiate dialogue with fans. It is probably the easiest way and one of the best methods to get people to respond to your posts. There are many types of questions that you can ask your fans. But try to ask very simple and interesting questions. Design your questions according to the demographics, interests and age group of the audiences.

Tip # 8 Post photos

One of the best Facebook Marketing tips is placing photos. It has to be one of your favorite ways to build traffic through advertisement on Facebook because it stands out better compared to status updates or posted links. Pictures should be clear, concise and easily digestible to the mind. You can also join a contest with the photo by sending many photos and captioning “Which one is the best?” Indeed, it will increase the impact manifold.

Having more traffic on your Facebook Page simply meanmore business and more money. Remember, fans do not come magically. Hence, maximize your Facebook page traffic through advertising. Why not reach the top if you can? Right?

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