Small Business? Make it Bigger with Social Media!


For the small business entrepreneurs, social media marketing can be a blessing in disguise. Since the resources for small business owners are very limited compared to the big business houses, they are turning their attention to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. for the purpose of social media marketing. The small business owners should know about their potential customers, their interests, the places where they live etc. to do social media management in the right direction.

The biggest advantage that a small business owner has over a big business house is that, the small business owner can always directly interact with his or her social media followers and make them feel a part of the business. Social media for business is a concept that is gaining in popularity among small business owners. This is one way a small business owner can make his business become a big time winner.

Having a small group of people from the company doing the social media management can be a great advantage for the small business. This group of people can build confidence among the followers of the company by regular posting of articles and commenting on questions posted by followers. Several small companies are using this strategy of social media for business to increase their number of followers and later to convert them to potential customers.

The strategies by which a small business can make itself bigger are:

·         Making passionate posts about the company and also about the owners of the company can be a great social media marketing strategy. Telling people about the time of starting the business and the driving force behind the business can often make people in the social media follow the company and its products that get launched. Posting photos and videos of the employees will generate more and more confidence among the followers of the company social media page. Posting questions regarding products as well as the company and following that up with answers will make people feel at home about the company. Once a person is confident that the company is not false and the products are good, in all likelihood he or she will refer this page or the products to friends and family members. This way, the small company will increase its follower base. This follower base will get converted to potential customers. This way, a small company can go on to become big with passing time.

·         The second step to success can be in trying to build a community of people that has the same kind of driving force as the business owner. Social media for business has to be tackled in a totally different manner than those accounts of individuals. Building a community by helping others can be a big advantage, as this creates a sense of leadership among the community. A leader that feels for others, and also helps out others by directing them to success often becomes popular very quickly. This popularity in turn can be very useful businesswise as well. People will generally trust the small company having such a great owner very easily. This will result in greater product sales in the market. The company will start growing financially.

·         People in the social media love hearing new stories about variety of things. It is important for the team doing social media management for the company to get started by telling stories about the launching of new products or new employees joining or about some welfare works done by the company. These stories when told in a proper manner get shared quickly by the followers of the company. So the product starts getting popular very fast. People like seeing videos of the way a product is getting made or is being packaged. When stories accompany these videos in the posts of the company, there is high chance that the product will make the top in the shortest possible time. This way the revenue earning becomes easier. The small company can become big by spending the least amount of money in the social media.

Big businesses often do not realize these aspects. The small companies can start taking advantage of such opportunities to grow and become big.

Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with TroopSocial has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.

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