30 Things to Do Immediately When Buying Followers On Twitter

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Whether you happen to be a businessman, a blogger or simply someone trying to promote your work, having a large Twitter following is definitely a huge advantage, and in many places, a necessity for success. Unless you’re a market giant or a really esteemed celebrity, you may have a hard time trying to increase your Twitter followers. This is the case if you’re new in the market or in the internet scene. Moreover, a large following also gives the impression that you’re established and more credible; this draws more people to follow your account.

Considering the importance of having a large following on Twitter and the troubles associated with getting them, many sellers on the internet have come up with the concept of ‘selling’ Twitter followers. You can buy followers on Twitter from a large number of sellers on the internet. It will increase your followers on Twitter and other social platforms. Their prices range from a dollar or two to a much higher range. The type of followers these sellers supply may be either of two types: Real followers and Generated followers or bots.

Real followers are real people who have a genuine interest in your line of business and your products. These followers are usually more expensive than the latter. ‘Generated followers’ are not real people but simply ‘bots’ created solely to increase the number of Twitter followers. These are usually the products of spam and are, in a vast majority of the cases, inactive accounts.

Once you have decided to buy and increase followers on Twitter, you need to do these 30 things:
  1. Ask yourself: For what reason do I want to buy followers on Twitter? Do I want to increase my account’s presence, or maybe I want people to interact with my account on Twitter? Always remember that you may need followers to retweet your tweets.
  2. Once, you’ve decided why you want to buy followers, you need to decide what type of followers you should buy and how many. The reason for wanting the followers can give you a good idea of choosing either of which category of followers and determining how many of them you should buy.
  3. If you simply want to increase your followers on Twitter and improve your online presence, automated Twitter followers, or ‘bots’ will suffice. They will not engage in any social media activity but will increase Twitter followers in terms of numbers to give an impression of popularity.
  4. Buy real Twitter followers or targeted followers if you want to increase your Twitter followers and to promote your products or work. Since these followers are real people, they can serve as your audience and can be interested in your products and promotions.
  5. Confirm that the vendor from whom you’re buying Twitter followers is a legitimate one. Although a large number of sellers provide followers within a short span of time with a guarantee, there are plenty of fraudulent sellers out there. They take your cash and do not provide followers/ provide lesser followers than you paid for. A good way to go about this is doing a Google (or any other search engine) search on the credibility of the seller.
  6. Find out about the nature of followers the vendor will be supplying you with: real followers or bots. You don’t want to spend your money just to find out that you ended up buying the wrong kind of followers.
  7. Avoid buying from sellers that ask for your password at all costs for they are most likely to be fraudulent ones.
  8. Compare different sellers before buying. Buying followers is basically an investment in your Twitter. Thus, you should compare different sellers just like you compare insurance schemes. Bear in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best one.
  9. Check customer reviews before buying followers.
  10. When buying customers for the first time, try with the more inexpensive options. Depending on how well they work for you, you can choose to buy more followers later, belonging to the same or different categories.
  11. Understand that buying followers is a tactic to improve your audience and credibility. Try to avoid having a follower base comprising solely of generated or bot followers as this could have a negative impact on your reputation. Generated followers are usually inactive and do not serve any purpose except to increase Twitter followers. Therefore, they lend limited credibility to your account.
  12. If you decide to buy both types of followers, make sure that at least 1/3rd of the followers are actual people. Although generated followers can establish your credibility in the eyes of a new person browsing through your account, they won’t be able to help your business or motive grow. Therefore, actual human followers are really important. Since there are many sites that channel real followers to your account, try buying targeted followers in half the number of your generated followers to stabilize the shortcomings of your ‘bots’.
  13. Even with your purchased followers, do not forget that your motive is to get a real audience. Promote your page and interact with other users to increase Twitter followers and audience.
  14. Engage with your targeted followers and do it regularly. This, coupled with the fact that you have a large number of followers, will give you credibility and will encourage them to follow you.
  15. Once you’ve bought the followers and have gained some popularity, use proper and quality tweets aimed at your target audience. A large following on Twitter is basically pointless if you do not tweet much so tweet regularly and make your tweets as interesting as possible.
  16. Ensure that your following to follower ratio is low, preferably not above 0.66. This creates a positive brand image and increases exclusivity. There are a number of online tools which can help you keep track of it.
  17. Keep track of the number of real people following you, no matter how small their numbers are, because they are your real audience.
  18. Try to keep the number of purchased followers considerably lower than your genuine followers once people start following your account.
  19. Understand the risks about buying Twitter followers. Once people figure out that most of your Twitter following is fake, they might feel disappointed and duped. This may cost you their trust and their following as well.
  20. Use popular hashtags regularly to bring your tweets to the world.
  21. Do check up and try on some premium features. Many sellers provide a number of premium services like regionalized following, liking your tweets, retweeting your tweets and so on.
  22. Use trending hashtags in your tweets. A tweet with a popular hashtag is far more likely to get noticed by the general masses.
  23. Try to get more favorites and retweets on your tweets. Going premium is a good option if you think it’s worth the price.
  24. If possible, buy followers that seem to be based on your region.
  25. Use twitter demographics to find out more about your target audience, like where most of them are located and what time they are most active. There are a number of Twitter apps available for free that will give you an in-depth insight of your followers and tweets. Use them to your best advantage.
  26. Schedule your tweets. Once you’ve figured out the most active period of your target audience, you can schedule your tweets for the same. There's not much to worry about your bots, since they will follow and retweet your posts, regardless of the time (if you’ve asked for that option)
  27. Make your profile as attractive and appealing as possible to increase your Twitter followers.
  28. Update your Twitter profile from time to time. Give your followers something fresh to look at every now and then. This increases your Twitter followers’ interest on you.
  29. Focus on the quality of your content and the interests of your genuine followers.
  30. Check on how the number of your real followers compares to the number of bots from time to time. It is advisable to reduce the number of your generated followers, once your real followers increase in number. This increases your credibility and eases of twitter management.

Here is a link that shows how to buy Twitter followers. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wiltlq8tqM

For someone looking to build a positive social media image within a short span of time, buying Twitter followers is a good option. With all these new platforms and vendors providing a quick supply of Twitter followers at affordable rates, many users, including private users and companies alike are increasingly taking advantage of them.

However, it is important to understand that it has its risks as well. Your voluntary followers may be disappointed with you if they find out about it. Keep in mind that your primary focus should be your target audience: your real followers, even if their numbers are significantly lower. Make sure to make appealing and interesting posts and focus on increasing your genuine Twitter following.

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