How To Build A Brand From Scratch With Help Of Facebook


Nowadays, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that have many users. As reported by Dailymail on 2014, Facebook users reached 1.32 billion around the world – a fantastic number if we compare to the total population of the world. Perhaps even you, who now reads this article, also have a Facebook account.

With more than a billion users, Facebook marketing could provide great opportunities in building and showcasing your personal brand to the whole world. If you have a personal Facebook account or if you have managed a Facebook page, then you might not find much difficulty in building your personal brand and business through Facebook page management. Here are five strategies to build your brand from scratch with the help of Facebook:

Strategy #1: Recognize Your Ability

Recognizing your ability means that you have to know how far you can manage your business. You could attend some courses about business development if you have never done business before. Other than that, you have to be knowledgeable about classical and modern economic problems to support your new brand.

Strategy #2: Join a Businessmen Community

Start to join with a group or page that consists of many businessmen or people who successfully sold their brand through Facebook page management. Establish a good relationship with them so that you can learn about how to promote Facebook page and also about Facebook page management.

Strategy #3: Create a Different Brand

If you have already decided on the brand you shall be selling, make sure that your brand is different from others already in the market – you can do this by highlighting your brand's quality. Proper Facebook marketing and having a different or original brand would attract more customers. Remember to also create a creative and innovative slogan and logo.

Strategy #4: Create a Facebook Page

By creating a Facebook page, you can allow more people to connect with your brand compared to just a personal account. Start posting about your new brand and embed something that relates to your business such as benefits and advantages. You must also have a good Facebook page management.

After that, promote Facebook page by sharing your brand’s page link to your personal social media account. Contact businessmen within your network to promote Facebook page. You can also use Facebook advertisement.

Strategy #5: Recognize Consumers’ Demands

By knowing consumers’ demands, you will be able to estimate production level. It also benefits the Facebook marketing system that you have. You can ask for testimonies and feedbacks from your customers about your new brand. These can help you in increasing your brand's quality. You can also post these positive feedbacks on your brand’s Facebook page to make sure that visitors can know more about your brand.

The five strategies above can be applied to build a brand from scratch with the help of Facebook. Nevertheless, above all, you need consistent effort and you must diligently and patiently work to manage a marketing system through Facebook; never give up on your customers.

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