Recipe for Making Your Customers Happy on Social Media


Selling the perfect recipe of making the clients happy over social media requires a hand that is good at cooking up one!
Ponder on these facts:
  • It is six to seven times more expensive to get the attention of a new clientele than it is to hold an existing one.
  • 89 percent of consumers have quit dealing with a company after encountering poor customer service.
  • Only seven percent of consumers report experiencing customer service that outdo their expectations.

In this world, where e-marketing – the selling and buying of goods online – is attracting a wider reach of regulars, an online presence can take a business or a personal brand quite a few notches higher. A good social media profile that interacts daily with them to serve the best techniques for making them happy is essential to extract success out of a product.
Chatting directly with your customers through one-to-one messages, emails, tweets, or comments can be an amazing privilege for a virtual salesman. It’s a job that is quite similar to a door to door salesperson coaxing them to consider their products, but this doesn’t require locomotion. You need to put on that jovial demeanor, a sharp tongue, and a persuasive vocabulary to sell whatever you need to. After all, it’s completely meant for them. It’s their happiness that ultimately matters.
So, here is a list of the few ingredients to concoct a sumptuous social media meal for your customers.
  • Cater to what customers want
A product essentially finds its market in their target audience when the product fulfills patron demands. Viability is essentially dependent on the usability of a certain brand. Once usability is lost, the product’s market vanishes. So, to get a hold of the demands of the patron base, a marketer must listen to and interact with their audience. Social media listening is to find meaning in a conversation or insights in a comments platform.

Start by asking a question: Is this what your clients are really seeking for? For instance, the customer service cell of Netflix looks into the grievances of every clientele and consequently establishes meaningful contacts with them. The Twitter stream on Netflix sees tweets where problem-solving is the norm. Such prompt attention to what the customers have to say can only result in a well-monitored website.

  • Be available all the time
About 53% users tweet at a brand expect a response within 60 minutes of their query. Constant activity on public media is essential to keep your clients loyal. Impatient ones can become your biggest nightmare because losing ground to an acquired, customer- base can be quite scary. If you are on Facebook, be quick to respond to a comment; if you are on Twitter, make it a habit to tweet back. The public expect the conversation to flow until they achieve definite closure.

A study by Simple Measured revealed that 99% of brands are on Twitter and 30% has a dedicated and responsive team. However, the average response time amounted to 5.1 hours, with only 1 out of 10 companies responding within an hour.

  • Encourage feedbacks to products or services
Encouraging feedback is the most important of all the ingredients in this recipe. This can engage your fans and make them feel important. Feedback can be positive or negative, but be sure that it is looking into when upgrading or modifying your services or products. Include a rating add-on that can allow a patron to rate the product within one to five stars. Follow it up with reviews platform where patrons will be able to dissect the product for you. Continue to reply to all the feedbacks that you receive, so that you are able to make yourself clear.

  • Come up with fascinating offers
Take, for example, the e-marketing giant Flipkart. Other than the discounts that they keep adding to their products, they also came up with ‘mega-sales’ at regular intervals. Not only is it enticing to the public, but consumers actually follow the newspapers to see when Flipkart comes up with its delicious offers! In the meantime, offline shopping goes for a toss.

Everybody likes bonus offers, discounts, and exciting deals. So, why not include them in your recipe? Social means can be used as a perfect tool to propagate these offers, which can result in a huge spurt in the number of selling products. Also, you can provide rewards to the consumer who comes up with the best suggestions. It can range from a small token gift to heavy rewards such as free tickets to a destination or free meals at a restaurant. A creative and complimentary bonus offer can add that spark to your product or website promotions.

  • Make use of testimonials from users
User stories can add an edge to your profile. Product credibility increases when clients themselves share their views and opinions on the product, and tell others how they have been influenced by these products in their daily lives. It increases exposure to other users and piques their interest for your product. Testimonials do not necessarily need to come as written matter; videos can also be more visually engaging. Creative editing patterns can ensure that the usability of the product reaches the masses that do not have much knowledge about your product.

  • Create online contests that make customers happy
Innovative contest ideas can be a shout-out that invites regulars to participate in order to bag exciting gifts and prizes. You can easily mobilize your customer-base to create a competition that not only promotes participation, but also spreads awareness regarding the product. Take for example, Facebook contests. It is a brilliant investment that generates more ‘likes’ through email sign-ups and also broadens your fan base. Here are some basic steps for a running a contest:
  1. An award must be selected – something that will attract more entries into the contest if it is enticing enough.
  2. Build the contest using a catchy headline, necessary multimedia support, a submission form and tools to share and promote the content.
  3. After building, the contest must be regularly updated.

  • Don’t mind apologizing
Inflated egos won’t help your business or personal brand. Always remember that it takes just a small incident for several years of hard work to collapse. Persevere to make your clients satisfied without compromising on quality. If anything goes wrong, be it in the virtual or the real world, always be ready to apologize. There is nothing wrong to ask an apology. After all, a customer-base can make or break a deal.

There are lots of cooking recipes we can look at, just like there are lots of creative strategies that we can conceive of. But, it makes sense only if there is an appreciation to any method or technique just because it satisfies the customers. Thus, using a perfect method to extend a fan base is essential for any marketer who wants to reap the benefits of using social means to increase prospects.
Embrace the users that come in your way and strive to enrich their experience. Never forget, the user is everything that matters for your product or service. Making them happy and satisfied will help them appreciate the e-world.

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