The 5 Steps Approach to Effective Facebook Marketing


Nowadays, many people are using social media to communicate and connect with other people anywhere in the world. Facebook is one of the social media platforms that are being used not only for communication but also for promoting and endorsing businesses. This can be a great help for the business knowing that it can obtain a wide reach of potential customers that can turn into sales. However, this can’t be possible unless you’ll know how to manage your Facebook page properly and employ some Facebook marketing strategies.
Marketing strategy can be your tool in advertising the product and service to your target audience. With this, it’s important to let your Facebook fans become interested first in visiting your site before advertising your business. Through your Facebook page and appropriate Facebook management, you can easily attract potential customers to patronize your business. Keep in mind that if your page doesn’t have quality fans, all your marketing efforts will be useless. Thus, it makes sense to know the 5 approach to effective Facebook marketing.
Core Activities that Can Help to Improve Facebook Marketing

1.       Human touch

Most companies that succeed in Facebook marketing are those giving their Facebook page human touch. This is possible by showing your personality and conveying your message in every post in a more personal way. You can add photos and entertaining posts or share your personal experiences and other details.

2.       Content machine

Another way of effective Facebook marketing and Facebook management is to ensure that the content you would post educates, empowers and entertains your fans so that they would keep on coming back to your page.  You should have calendar or schedule that will help you track the right time to post your content and effectively drive traffic to your page. There are certain software solutions for this, so feel free to check them out as well.

3.       Build engagement

Every time you’ll update your post, you should ensure that it will encourage your fans to participate in a conversation. It’s the easiest way obtain responses and feedback from your Facebook fans. Through the suggestions and feedback from your fans, you know what kind of content you can post to make them listen and engage in your page.

4.       Call to action

Facebook provides your brand great opportunity in creating genuine relationships with the target customers. It’s also the best venue to move your fans into action. Creating calls to action consistently is an ideal way for Facebook page management. It can be started by posting good content that is interesting and there should be call to action like “watch this” or “click this”. The calls to action will show an authority and give the opportunity to post consistently. You can also offer special deals and discounts and newsletter that are cost-effective way of building trust as well as affinity with your target fans. If you’re promoting services and programs, you can offer teleseminars and webinars. This can help for the promotion without selling too hard.

5.       Word of mouth

If you will use Facebook marketing for your business, word of mouth can be a great help. Even in social media, the word of mouth really matters and it’s the key in spreading the word so that your fans will talk about you. However, before creating a special campaign or promotion, you need to think first your audience. Keep in mind that most of your fans become more interested if you post personal or relatable experiences rather than your brand.

Indeed, Facebook marketing can be effective if you know how to manage your Facebook page properly. It will not only drive more traffic to your page but also increase the potentials of sales conversion. This way you can expect that your return on investment will increase. The market reach is wider because many people have been using social media particularly Facebook in their daily lives.
Another thing to consider in Facebook marketing is to ensure providing products or services that really suit the needs of the target audience. This way more visitors would visit your page knowing that what you offer would really make them satisfied. Effective Facebook management can increase the conversion rate. It’s not easy to make first time visitors to be your customers. However, by using effective strategy in marketing, you can easily convert your fans to customers that would eventually help in improving the sales and the return on investments.

Moreover, smart buyers don’t easily buy products. They compare first to know which one is the best. Through proper management, your Facebook fans and page visitors will become interested to try what you are offering. Effective Facebook marketing can make you huge income; that’s why the first thing to do is to learn the right way of managing the Facebook page. By this, you can ensure that you’re on the right track.

Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while.  Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful.  Her partnership with TroopSocial, a Facebook fan page management service provider has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.


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