Nine Steps To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog For Free

If you are a blogger, then the massive traffic is one of the dreams that you have. Managing is blog can be boring if you don't have a massive traffic to your blog. And driving traffic is difficult? Not really. You can either pay for the expensive advertising for the traffic to your blog. Or use these simple methods to get easy and free traffic to your blog.
Nine Steps To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog For Free

Quality Is Everything 

Have you ever heard the Phrase Content is King? If yes then you may not have learnt the real meaning of it. Content is what you post in your blog. Content should be related to your blog niche. There are visitors for every niche and content. So make sure you have the detailed article of whatever you are writing about. If you want to know what others want to read in your blog, refer to the article in the link below:

Don't Be A Copy Cat

When I first started blogging, I used to think that one can get unlimited traffic just by copying articles from the established blogs but I was wrong in this perception. Search Engine is the way most of the sites get traffic. And mind it search engine hates copy cat. And moreover who will visit your blog to read the article they have already read on the other so called established blogs. So don't dare to copy the content from other sites. Write whatever you know . Get the ideas what your readers want to read and then publish it.

Sharing is SEXY

Sharing is the way you can give exposure to your posts. It notifies the probable visitors about the content published in your blog. When you share the articles in social medias then you notify your viewers about the post they may be interested in. Not only this, it increases interaction and the comments help you to know what your visitors want to read about further in your blog. 


Yes, this is also an important step to drive traffic to your site. Commenting is the act of leaving your responses to the article published in a websites. There are many websites on the same Niche as yours on the internet. Comment on these blogs, share your link on the comments. Make sure that you are not spamming around the internet. And also make sure that the comments are relevant to the article published. 
Plus Point: Comment on the WordPress blog with CommentLuv plugin as it shows the recent blog article along with your comment.

Web Directory Submission

I think this one is one of the important steps to make your site available in search engines and hence drive traffic to your site. Submit your site’s link to free web directories having more PR with proper keywords and description. This will help you to be indexed in Search Engines and hence help you to drive traffic to your site.

YouTube Traffic

YouTube is the giant video portal by Google. It is the world's third most viewed web site as well. So you can use YouTube as the weapon to drive traffic to your blog. You can create videos, tutorials related to your blog and don't forget to include your blog URL in the description. And there is more chances of the viewers to visit your blog. 

Use Appropriate Post Titles

Titles are what the visitors and the search engines look first. This is like the first impression on the internet. If you are able to use the relevant titles then you can grab a huge traffic to your blog. Make sure to use the Long tail and Short tail keywords. 

Appropriate Permalinks

Permalinks are the links of your post. These also matters the rank of your blog article in the search engine searches. Use the appropriate permalinks for the blog post and increase your search engine rank. Make sure that your permalink is not too long.

Easy blog URL

Yes this trick really works. Use a proper, short and easy web address for your blog. Make sure that the blog web address matches the niche of your blog. And make sure that it is easy enough to remember for anyone.

You can use these basic techniques to drive traffic to your blog. If you are blogging with blogger platform then you can use the simple SEO techniques to make your site search engine friendly.

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