Eight Secret Steps For Successful Blogging For Newbies

Blogging has not just aroused as a passion on internet today. It has also become a profession for most internet enthusiasts due to various reasons. It is easy and simple to create and work with those sites. If you are thinking to start your blogging career with Blogger then it is free for you as well. Getting started to be a blogger is not a difficult task. But to be professional yo have to know some of the secrets of the successful bloggers. There is not any better time to start blogging. So I would suggest you start blogging. And you'll get sample opportunities to make money online. Read the following post to know how you can make money with blogger through Adsense.

You can make money online also with the Affiliate programs from your blog. Read the following posts about making money with Web Hosting affiliate programs.

Here are some of the strategies that will help you to boost your blogging career. Don't skip any step and hope it will improve your blogging to some extent.
Eight Secret Steps For Successful Blogging For Newbies

Select your free blog host:

In this post we are focusing on the free blogging so I don't want to mention any paid hosts. But still you need to know about the benefits of the paid blog hosts. Still you have the ample opportunities to make money from your free blogs. Free blogs works the same as that of the paid blog hosts though it is not hosted by you yourself and you don't have the full control to your blog. It means the free blog host at any time can dismiss your blog for any or no reason. So if you want to invest some bucks for your self hosted blog then read the following post:

To get started you have to find a free blog host. After knowing the drawbacks of the Free Blog host you may have some doubts to get started. Though we have some of the most trustful blog hosts. Blogger is the most trusted among all. It is the best, simple and free blog host in the blogosphere. So let's see some of the features of this host.

  • The blogs hosted with blogger are search engine friendly.
  • Can be easily viewed on desktop and mobile devices by default.
  • Easy to add and modify HTML and JavaScript.
  • Your own custom domain can be used.
  • And the most important, it is free and easy to use for the newbies.
  • Can be easily monetized with Adsense and other Affiliate programs as well.

There are many other free blog hosts. But I recommend Blogger for its beautiful features and trust it has built for many years. If you want to get started with blogger refer to the following post:

If you want to monetize your blogger blog refer to the links below :

Pick You Niche:

Niche is what you are going to discuss about in your blogs. You may have different ideas for how to maintain your blog. Blog is especially for sharing resources related to different topics. And those topics are your niche. Content is king. So what you write about, it should be content rich. Write original, don't be a copy cat, generate great ideas for your blog posts and get ready to rule the blogosphere. So you have interest in different topics. I would suggest you to write in the topics you are interested in because you can define well and with passion in those topics. The well established topics on internet are the niches. So you can write the resources in those topics or start your own new topics. Some well established topics on internet are Blogging, Internet, Fashion, insurance, Foods etc. So pick up the one you are interested in or you have the knowledge about and write the hot posts related and you're done.
So you can write about many topics related in your single blog or write about the single topics in your blog as well. These are multi niche or single niche trends. So you have to generate great ideas related to your niche(s). For this refer to the following post:

Logo And Favicon:

When you start blogging, you just give the preferences to the blog posts rather than the looks of the blog. Though the Logo and the Favicon have the great highlights to the blog. They give a professional look to your site. So pick a great and professional looking logo and favicon for your blog.
Though you can pay for creating great logos for your blog. Though in this post we are focusing more on the free stuffs. So I would suggest to use free tools to create your site logos. Here I have two sites to create free logos for your blog. They are CoolText and LogoEase. They have many fonts and designs which makes your blog logo look professional. 
For favicon also you can get free online tools to create your Favicon. One of the free site I know is favicon generator . This site allows you to convert your own image or create a free FavIcon.

Title Of Your Blog:

Getting the title for your Blog doesn't seem to be a difficult task. Though you should be well conscious while choosing the title for your blog. I recommend you to choose the Title that is short and sweet and well defines the niche of your blog. You can make a small research on the keywords related to the blog and choose a relevant title for your blog. Don't choose fancy or irrelevant title for your blog. 

Regular Update:

Regular update is the medicine for your blog. This is what your visitors and the search engine loves. Write the content related to your blogs and make a research on what your visitors would love to read about in your blog. Make sure you don't copy any content from any of the blogs or websites. Update reguraly rather than posting more posts at a single time. If you want to get the guest authors to write in your blog post. If you want to write for us check the following page:

If you want to get help from the internet for blogging, check out these 5 chrome extensions that you must use as a blogger:

Appearance Of Your Site: 

This is what attracts your readers. Though the visitors are attracted through the rich content in your blog, this decreases the bounce rate in your blog.You need to put the attractive themes to your blog. Wait the attractive template means that your site must look professional and clear. Attractive looks in blogger doesn't mean adding fancy photos and banners in your ads. Don't give preferences just to the ad banners as well. And make sure the templates that you use in your blog must be responsive. It means that they should be easily fit in any of the devices your visitors use. And make sure that your blog has easy navigation. Check out the some responsive blogger templates for your blog in the article below:

If you want to know how to put custom templates to your blog, refer to the article below:

The reason this step is after the Content of your blog is most bloggers just give the priority to their site template rather than the content. But wait content is still the king and appearance is the secondary option. So make your site content rich first and give the priority to the appearance of your blog.

Add Services:

Services here I mean the easy navigation of your blog. It also mean to adding the different pages to your blog. You must add different pages to your blog. These are the important pages that that you must add to your blog. Read the post below to add the important pages to your blog:
You must use the privacy page to your page to make your site reliable. And add the Sitemap to your blog as well:
Promote Your Blog:

This is the final step for your blog. Take this step seriously when you have done with the content and appearance. The promotion deals with the great SEO techniques, link building and Social media sharing. So refer to the links below:

Make sure that your blog is friendly to the users and make the social media buttons available to your users so that they can share your posts to social media. Refer to the article below for more help:

If you have followed all these steps then you are ready to be a professional blogger. Be in touch with us for more tips and techniques. Please leave the comments below:


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