Six Things To Prove You Are A Lazy Blogger

Blogging in the beginning seems to be very interesting and believe me you'll love it as a newbie. The Blogosphere seems to be very glamorous and interesting from the outer world but the professionals know how hard is it to sustain in this profession.
 Are you a blogger who started blogging as your passion? And are you getting now getting bored with blogging?
People usually start developing bad habit when they become too familiar with their job. If you have been blogging for a while and now you're getting bored with it.
If you find yourself doing any of the following, then believe me you are a lazy blogger.

Six Things To Prove You Are A Lazy Blogger

No Proper Planning:

Whatever you post online in your blog should be well planned and organized. If you don't make a small survey about what audience would love to read about then your every post will go in vain. You don't search for what's trending right now on internet. You go and see some posts on the established blogs which seems to be loved by the audience, copy the articles make some changes and post it to your blog. Man you are too lazy to sustain in blogosphere.
Read the following article on how to get the new ideas for your new blog post:

No Appropriate Images:

Images are what add beauty to your blog post. Adding appropriate images don't make more changes to your article rank in search engines though it helps in audience engagement and reduce the bounce rate of your blog. 
If you are writing an article with no images(as per the requirement) then you are the lazy blogger alive. Though if you are searching for the images related on the keywords in Google of your blog article and add them randomly to your blog post then you are the lazy lad/lass. The images found in Google Searches are mostly copyrighted and you may get in some serious trouble of copyright for putting those images in your blog. And you don't add alt tags to your images, resize them to fit in your blog post then you are on the list of lazy bloggers.
If you want to create beautiful images for your blog refer to the following article:

No Consistent Posting And Updating:

If you are an active blogger then you should post articles to your blog consistently. It doesn't mean posting more stuffs in a week and remaining passive for rest of the month. I suggest you to post articles making a certain schedule every week.
And if your blog article is based on some offers for a limited time, based on some dynamic statistics or if you blog post need to be updated then you need to update your blog post as per the requirement to get returning and new audience as well. If you fail in doing so people will find no reason to revisit your blog. 

No Appropriate Titles:

Titles are what grab your audience from social medias and search engines. If you don't use proper blog post titles then you are not a serious blogger. Many of the bloggers don't give any importance to the blog post titles. Make sure your titles should be attractive and catchy enough to get visitors from search engines and social networks as well. Use Emotional and Power words to grab the audiences' attention. Following is an article published on Coschedule blog on how to write emotional headline:

And don't use the long text of titles for permalinks. Permalinks are the links of your blog post and make some effects on SEO. So use three or four appropriate words for permalinks. You can edit and use custom permalinks in Blogger and WordPress platforms.

No Editing Before Posting:

Many of the bloggers ignore reviewing their article before publishing it to their blogs. Everyone should recheck their article once it is finished writing. It leads to minimize grammatical errors and broken links as well in your blog post. So the article becomes more reader friendly.
And I recommend not to write the blog article firstly to the blog post dashboard but rather write in word editor like Microsoft Word and later paste it into thenew post area in your blog editor.

No Replying to Comments: 

Comments encourage the interaction of your audience with you. This also encourage you to know the audiences' curiosity and write new posts based on their curiosity. So you should choose the best and appropriate comments, remove spams and reply to the queries on comments.
If you are doing any any of this then believe me you are turning into a lazy blogger.
Are there any other things that shows you are lazy blogger? Please comment below to let us know. 


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