RevenueHits Review: The Best Adsense Alternative, Getting Started And Make Money

For all the new bloggers out there, there is a crucial question for all of you. Are you blogging just to fulfill your passion or are you here to make some bucks as well? If you are here for this motive or are interested to make money from your blogs then there are ample opportunities for you. You can monetize your blog with Google Adsense, which is recognized as the best Cost Per Click ad network.
There are many bloggers who not only make money out of blogging just for making their living but also to pay for the extravagance as well. You can also make money out of blogging.
So is it really easy to make money out of your blog? This is the crucial question for all the newbies out there. Though blogging looks simple and easy process. Though it is very hard to sustain in the blogosphere and to make money out of it.
If you are already a blogger you may have known that Adsense is the ultimate money making goal of most of the bloggers.Adsense is recognized as the best CPC network of all times for various reasons. Read the following article to understand it better.

Though getting approved by and getting the Payout from the Adsense network is not an easy task though. Most of the bloggers fail to get approved for the first time. And most of the bloggers are not satisfied with the dollars they make out of it. I have seen many bloggers gave up their blogging career for these various reasons.
And I realized from my own experience that I couldn't make money for my cup of coffee with my adsense earnings, that is why I moved to RevenueHits.
There are many Adsense Alternatives if you don't have or don't want to go with Adsense. In this post we are going to explain one of the Adsense alternatives recommended by most of the bloggers and here is my review about this post.

About RevenueHits:

RevenueHits is a company found and operated by MyAdWise LTD, an Israeli based company. It was founded in 2008 designed to monetize online assets. Unlike Adsense it is CPA based advertising network. 
It doesn't matter what type of web site or blog you have and the traffic you are getting from. The ads are adjusted according to the region you are getting traffic from and the content of your blog. Moreover it is the performance based ad network.

How will I get Paid with RevenueHits?

The most important thing about RevenueHits is that it is CPA based ad network. Adsense pays you for the ad impressions and click on your Adsense ads put on your blog and web site but RevenueHits doesn't pay you for the ad clicks and impressions. 
CPA understands for Cost Per Action. It means you'll only be paid if your blog visitor click on your RevenueHits ads and does some specified action. The action can range from clicking on the link to downloading the browser extension. It also includes completing surveys, signing up for accounts, downloading apps or anything. You'll be paid for these actions based on your content and the traffic you are getting from. But frankly the earnings will fluctuate as per the fluctuation in the action of your visitors. And most of the bloggers on Forums say that you can make more that 50$ for the traffic of 100000 per day.

Payout Options:

You can payout your RevenueHits earnings from your Payoneer debit card, Paypal and Wire Transfer.
If you don't have a payoneer card get it here with 25$ bonus.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout is based on the payout options you choose. If you want to get your payment through Payoneer or Paypal the minimum payment is 20$ and if you want to get payment through Wire transfer the minimum payout is 50$.

Getting Started With RevenueHits:

Getting started with RevenueHits is the easiest way that any other ads network. You will just have to fill out the Form and put some JavaScript codes to you blog. Then you'll start getting impressions and some bucks as well.
You can get started with RevenueHits in just 5 minutes!
First Go to RevenueHits, Click On Publishers and Click on Sign Up To Become A Publisher button.
Provide Complete Information about your site and click on continue.
RevenueHits: Review The Best Adsense Alternative, Getting Started And Make Money
On the next page enter your Personal details and who you are referred by. You can put deardipen on the Referred By box.
RevenueHits: Review The Best Adsense Alternative, Getting Started And Make Money
On the nest step provide the Billing information. Choose your Payout option and payment threshold. 
Now you just have to put the ads to your blog or web site and start earning. It is as easy as that. You don't have to wait for the approval and activation. You can now log in to your dashboard.

How To Put RevenueHits To My Website?

RevenueHits has the simple and easy dashboard for the bloggers. Once you have logged in to your Dashboard Click on the "Placements" tab.
And Next click on New Placement Tab to put ads for desktop version or New Mobile Placement for mobile ads.
RevenueHits: Review The Best Adsense Alternative, Getting Started And Make Money
Now choose the ad format that you'd like to put in your blog. The placement will be created. 
RevenueHits: Review The Best Adsense Alternative, Getting Started And Make Money
Next click on </> to get the JavaScript codes to put it in your blog. You can also get a preview of the ads before putting it to your website.

Why I Recommend RevenueHits?

There are many reasons I recommend RevenueHits to you. I have discussed some of them below:

1. Free For Everyone:

Unlike other ad networks you don't need any approval to use this ad network as a publisher. They don't care if you are a newbie or a professional blogger. You can start using RevenueHits the day you start blogging. And you don't have to wait to implement the ads on your blog after you have got the account. You can get started to make money in just 5 minutes.

2. Low Payout Amount:

The payout amount is what the new bloggers care about. No newbie will want to wait to get his/her first payment. It has minimum payout of 20$ and you can get payment through Payoneer or Paypal.
If you don't have a payoneer account refer to the article below to get a free Payoneer debit card with 25$ bonus.
This is what everyone loves. Everyone will like to get the most out of their traffic. As RevenueHits is a CPA based network, there are more chances of action of your audience and more conversion of your traffic to money.

My Suggestion to choose Ad Format:

I have used this ad network in my blog and I can suggest you to choose the ad formats based on my experience. RevenueHits has Display or Media rich Ads, Pop Ups/Under , Text Ads, Interstitial Ads, Shadow Box etc. I have tried most of these ads and Interstitial, Shadow Box and footer slider ads were the ads which earned more rather than text or banner ads. Although I would recommend you to experiment with all the ad formats to know what works for you.
Hope this will help you get started with RevenueHits. Please feel free to contact us or comment below for any help. I would love to hear from you if this ad networking is working well for you!
Have a great day!


  1. Great review, Revenuehits its really the best adsense alternative until now!

  2. Great review, Revenuehits its really the best adsense alternative until now, i like it....

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    In case you are, did you ever use PopAds?

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