Know the factors that affect your Pinterest Account

Know the factors that affect your Pinterest Account

Social media is becoming the leading tool for marketing in this very age because people are so obsessed with connecting to other people around the world. One of the fastest growing social media websites these days is Pinterest. For those who are not familiar with Pinterest, it is something like an online corkboard where anyone can put anything that they want to. These “Pins” are like little bookmarks that can lead other people to your website or your blog.

Due to its popularity, businesses have been making use of it in order to connect to a large group of people in a short span of time. So how do businesses do it? Well first off, we need to understand that there is an art to using social media to reach out to possible consumers. This is known as social media management. Social media management is the art of knowing what posts to put, how it should be posted, and how to get people to look at what was posted. Specifically for Pinterest, this art is known as Pinterest account management.

So now that we have a background, let's see the best Pinterest account management techniques that can help businesses spread their brand in this social media platform.

First of all, the design and the structure of your Pinterest board (dashboard) play a big role. You have to make sure never to fill it up with too many Pins. Instead, make several boards and test which is the most popular. The popular ones are the boards that you promote. Also, you have to make sure that your design is not only very pleasing to the eyes but also relevant to the message that your brand is trying to portray. Always remember that the design would affect the success rate of your Pinterest account because it is the design that serves as the attraction factor. First impressions count a lot because people will usually flock to those boards that look appealing.

One of the most fundamental techniques in Pinterest account management is how to make use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques. One of the factors that can affect the success of your Pinterest account is how well you make use of SEO techniques. SEO techniques will help you bring your Pinterest account to a top spot in a search engine with the use of certain keywords. So in order for your Pinterest account to appear in a top spot in Google, you have to think of the best trending keywords among netizens and use them to your advantage. Also, make use of the hashtag. Hashtags are extremely powerful because they can bring in followers of the same interest and can be spread like wildfire. So you should also know the trending hashtags and try to relate your brand to a suitable hashtag.

Another factor that would affect your Pinterest account would obviously be the number of followers you have. One of the best ways for you to gain followers in Pinterest is to simply be very active. Follow as many Pinners as possible even though you don't know them. Out of the amount of pinners that you have followed, a certain percentage of them will follow you back. Also, try to comment and tag as much as you can. You can comment on random people's pins by saying “Nice Pin!” or something of that kind. Gain as many friends as possible so that they will follow your account.

So when you want to promote your company's Pinterest, remember these three factors that can determine your success. Being a key player in social media platforms, especially Pinterest, means that your knowledge on social media management has to be quite vast. If you know makes people in Pinterest tick, you have already won the first round.

Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while.  Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful.  Her partnership with TroopSocial, a Pinterest Account Management service provider has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.


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