How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?

NTC ADSL is the most commonly used internet service in Nepal. If you are willing to get ADSL internet connection from Nepal Telecom, then you'll have to set up the router settings by yourself to initiate using the internet connections. Unless you have configure the router no internet connections would be seen on your router and you won't be able to use the internet.
Setting up the router settings is not a rocket science though. With this post, you'll be able to configure almost all the routers for NTC ADSL internet. The way to set up router is almost same for all routers. So let's see what do we require first for setting up the router.
How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?

Here's a list of all the requirements:

  • A Telephone connection from Nepal Telecom (It's a must)
  • A computer or any device on which you can connect the internet
  • Make sure you have activated the Internet connection for your Telephone by visiting the nearest NTC office( After you have submitted the application to the office, then someone from the office will reach to you to make all the arrangements)
  • A router that can be from any company (in this tutorial I'm using TP-Link Router)

When you have made all these arrangements, then get started with the following simple steps:

First of all connect your router to power supply and connect the wire from the phone connection. (This is the simplest step though I made sure that I don't skip any.)

Next open your web browser and enter in the address bar. A pop up window will appear that'll ask for your username and password. By default the username and password both will be admin for TP-Link. Enter the details and click on Login.
How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?
 Then you'll be redirected to a page as shown below:How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?
Click on Quick Start button and then click on Run wizard button. Then the run wizard will start and the set up will complete in just four steps.
How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?
 Click on Next and choose your time zone. TP-Link has added the timezone for Nepal. If other routers don't have timezone for Nepal then choose the nearest timezone. Then click NEXT.
How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?

Then you'll have to choose your ISP (Internet Service Provider) connection type. For NTC ADSL select PPPoE/PPPoA .

How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?

In the next step you'll be asked to enter username and password as provided by the ISP. By default if your telephone number starts as 06x-xxxxxx the the username and password both will be adsl6xxxxxxx and if your phone numbers starts as 01-xxxxxxx then the username and password would be as adslxxxxxxx . Set the VCI and VPI details as
VPI: 8
 VCI: 81
Then click NEXT.
How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?
Then you'll be proceeded to make the WLAN settings. In this step you'll have the enter the SSID and Password for your Wi-Fi netwrok. In the SSID option, enter the name for your wifi. You can select whether or not to broadcast the SSID, choose the authentication type ( I recommend you to use WPA-PSK/WAP2-PSK ) and encryption (TKIP/AES) and enter the password in Pre-Shared key option and click Next.
How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?
All the steps for wizard setting have been completed. Click Next on the next step to apply the settings and you are done.
How To: Configure Router For NTC ADSL?
All the settings will be applied in a moment and you'll be able to use the wired and wireless internet settings. 
If you have any problems, please kindly leave the comments. We'll reach you as soon as possible.


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