Affiliate Marketing, A Basic Idea To Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing has become the most common and easiest way to make money online for most of the bloggers. There are so many posts on what affiliate marketing strategies should you go for to make more money from this marketplace. But no ones gonna teach you how to get started with affiliate marketing. In this post I have tried to incorporate all the things I have learnt about affiliate marketing during this short time of blogging. Though I will try to help almost all the beginners in Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing first of all is an easy though difficult way to make money online. You must either be an internet celebrity or pro blogger to make most from this market place. Before getting started with an affiliate program make sure you have enough publicity and sharing media. 
Affiliate Marketing, A Basic Idea To Make Money Online

Before stumbling upon the idea to get started with any affiliate program, I would love to drop this basic idea "What is Affiliate Marketing ?" into your mind.

Affiliate marketing is an online program in which you promote some other's products or services or online tools to your audience, blog viewers or your friends and family as well and get paid some part of the price of service(commission) only when these people buy or use the advertisers goods or services.

Who Are Involved in Affiliate Marketing?

In this topic, I want to explain the parties involved in this marketplace. I would love to explain the whole affiliate marketing thing in aspect from the three parties;
  • Seller
  • Buyer and
  • The Mediator (Affiliate)
Here in this post we are actually trying to learn about the mediator, the affiliate.

Seller is sometimes the owner or the creator of the product or service. He actually wants some media to sell his product to whoever wants to use it for their benefit. It can either be a large well established company or a single individual entrepreneur.

Buyer is the one who buys the product from the sellers to actually get benefited by it. Since buyers are the only source the seller makes dollars, they are the main source affiliate make money from.
Since commissions are made only when the sales occurs so the affiliate workers have to convince them to actually earn from affiliate marketing.

The Mediator: In this post I am explaining the affiliate marketers as the mediators between the buyers and the sellers. The affiliates acts as a bridge between these two. 
The mediator either can be a large group or a single individual. In some cases there can be some mediators between the affiliates and the merchant as well. But in this post I'll just explain the affiliates as the mediators between these two.

What Do You Have To Do an Affiliate?

An affiliate is actually to promote the sellers' product to reach to the buyers and make a sale so that the seller gets money for his product and services. In this process, the affiliate earns a part of it as a commission.

Affiliate Marketing, A Basic Idea To Make Money Online

You can use any promoting skills to make a sale. You can either share the links via social media or your websites or blogs and even you can promote the products to your friends through emails and messages.

When people buy the product through your link or using your coupons then the seller will know that the buyers are coming through you and you'll get paid the commissions. The basic idea is simple as that.

The commissions can be huge amounts in some cases. So the basic idea to increase earnings is increase the sales.

IF you have any queries then please drop them in the comment section below.

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