What Google Can Teach You About Facebook

Facebook is a popular social and networking site that people from all walks of life use all the time. It helps improve and speed up communication. It also helps people reach out to other individuals around the world. While it’s true that Facebook is user-friendly, there are still many things that the users should know to get total enjoyment in using Facebook haha
What Google Can Teach You About Facebook

There are many ways and tools that can help you better understand the different features offered by this popular site. One tool is the multinational technology company founded in America known as Google. It provides internet-related services and products, online technology, advertising, search, and cloud computing. Google offers different features that can help you get the optimum Facebook experience. It can teach you some of these important aspects as you continue using your Facebook account.
  • Google helps you find text in documents that you can use in your Facebook haha. These documents offered by the different web servers are presented to you the moment after your searches. As a search engine, Google teaches you how to get links about topics that you want other Facebook users to read.  
  • Google teaches you to be efficient and accurate in your grammar and sentence construction. For instance, when you are still typing your status or your comment, you will notice a red dot at the right portion of the comment space. Those who do not know the importance of the red dot on their Facebook haha would just ignore the red dot. However, if you knew what the red dot signifies, you’ll have a chance to check and correct your grammar or punctuations before sending or posting what you have written.
  • As a search engine optimization, Google wants your Facebook account to be noticed, especially when your Facebook account has something to do with promoting and advertising your products and services. Google will teach you how making your business grow and to be a top visited page on Facebook . With this, Google helps you increase Facebook post likes.   
  • Google’s universal search teaches Facebook users to be more creative and more educated. This is made possible because Google offers a wide range of information from different websites, current events, trending news, pictures, blogs, and even maps which you can share in your Facebook account. This will give your friends and other Facebook members a chance to know the latest and trending news, fashion, and arts.
  • Google search offers many features that can give you relevant information about the weather forecast, time zones, and the latest news in the stock market. Other features like showing the latest top-grossing movies, the movies to watch, the latest music and dance craze in town, and the latest news of your favorite basketball players can help you choose what movies and sports to follow.  All of these you can post and share on your Facebook account. 
  • To increase Facebook post likes, you should let Google help you with everything that you want to know. Aside from making your Facebook account get many views and likes, Google can also help you gain more leads and traffic which can make your business grow and prosper. 
  • While more people are spending most of their time monitoring their Facebook account, they have to bear in mind that whatever they post on their wall or on comments boxes may either make or break them. They have to use the right and decent words in their post. With Google, you can effectively manage your Facebook account with less trouble and with more efficiency.

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