Offer: Free Internet Data for NTC Users ( With Activation Process)


(Update: This offer was available for few days on the occasion of  launching of 4G in Nepal by NTC. This offer is no longer available.)
Did you hear the new offer by Nepal Telecome for the GSM prepaid user on the occasion on the launching their 4G service in Nepal? Then you also must have heard about free 400 mb they are providing to the prepaid SIM card users for activating the 4G service in your phone for the first time.

If you still have not heard about this offer then let us tell you about this service. Nepal Telecom has lauched the 4G service in Nepal and on this occasion they are providing free 100 mb data for the users for 4 consecutive days after the day of activation.

In this post we are going to tell you the procedure to activate 4G service in any of your phone irrespective of how old your sim card is. I have seen some users complaining of getting some messages for upgrading the SIM card to get access to 4G service, we'll also help you solve this problem and get you free 400mb data without exchanging the SIM card or without upgrading it.

How to Activate 4g in Your SIM card?

To activate 4G service in your phone, type *444# and call on the USSD code. Then you'll be asked to enter 1 to activate the 4g services. Enter 1 and your 4g service will be activated.
With activation of 4g service you'll get 100 mb free data each for 4 days.
But if this procedure didn't work out for you and shows the following message then skip to the alternative process.

Alternative Process:

If you can't activate 4g by above process then this process will work for anyone.
Go to your message section and compose message and Send 4GPCRF to 1415 . Wait a moment and you'll receive a message mentioning the activation of 4g service in your phone as follows:

Remember you'll get 100 mb for 24 hours from the time of activation of 4g service for consecutive 4 days. If you didn't finish the data in 24 hour the the data of next will be activated for 3 other days. But after the 4 days have passed the data rates will apply and the balance will be deducted for the data.

With this you'll get 100 mb free for 4 days. Enjoy and share to all.

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