Start Making Money With Bitcoins : A complete guide to earn and withdraw earnings

If you are someone searching for making some money online then you are at the right place. In this post we'll be discussing about the cryptocurrency of internet, Bitcoins on how to earn it, use it and withdraw it through bank in Nepal. 

If you just heard about Bitcoins then go thoroughly through the post but if you know some things about Bitcoins you can skip the introduction part.

Bitcoins is just like the currency used in our country. But it actually is a virtual currency that means it does not have any physical existence and you can not touch or feel it or keep it in your wallet. So there are no paper notes or coins for bitcoins. It is the currency of internet and are virtually transferred one to one on the internet. 

So if this virtual currency then why are people so crazy about something that even doesn't have a physical appearance? You may be amazed to know the value of 1 Bitcoin. In today's date 1 Bitcoin is equal to 6615.52 US dollars that is equal to 680,000 NPR. But the value of it fluctuates daily. Bitcoins are not centralized currency, are easy to use and transfer, can be transacted in very low fees and you don't even need government issued documents to use this currency so these are the reasons for its popularity on internet.

In this post we'll show you on how you can earn bitcoins for free, creating a digital wallet for your bitcoins and withdrawing them from your bank account as well.

Earning Bitcoins:

There are numerous ways you can earn bitcoins on internet. You can use Bitcoins as a medium to receive commissions for the freelancing jobs you do online or selling items online. You can even be a miner of bitcoins (It is a tidious job i'll say and require some knowledge of mining and some mining hardwares as well) so let's skip these ideas and let's go with the easiest and trustworhty way to earn bitcoins.

To learn how to make bitcoins online for free read the post below.

There's a site which gives you free bitcoins every hour and you can even earn bitcoins from their lottery and betting games as well.

First of all go to and click on Sign Up. You'll see the interface as shown below.

Enter your email address and a valid password and Your Referrer as shown. (At least you can do this to me :) and I'll be giving some bitcoins to my referrals as well ) and click on Sign up.

Once you have signed up and logged into their site you are ready to earn your first bitcoin (Satoshi actually). Satoshi is the small unit of bitcoins as paisa is for rupees. Just click on Free BTC from the navigation menu and complete captcha and click on Roll and you'll receive some satoshis as per the table shown in that page. You can do this every 1 hour and you can even multiply your bitcoins by other games as well.

This is how you can earn bitcoins for free from .
Now you you reach the minimum withdrawal bitcoins First of all go to Profile from navigation menu and click on Change Withdrawal address. (To know how to generate withdrawal address check Digital Wallet for your Bitcoins Section below.), enter your withdrawal address and your password and click Change.

Then click on Withdraw option and select any of the methods available convenient to you.

Digital Wallet For Your Bitcoins

You keep your paper money in your wallet, Right? But as I already mentioned that bitcoins have no physical existence they can not be stored in your ordinary wallets. They need special wallets on Internet to store and to receive and send bitcoins. In your digital wallets you can keep them for free, send to other users or pay to services and receive from other users and also from .

There are two best digital wallets for Bitcoins BlockChain and Coinbase. In this tutorial we are using BlockChain for its ease to use and authenticity . To create a bitcoin wallet with BlockChain follow the steps below.

First of all go to BlockChain homepage and click on Sign up Or Get a Free Wallet Option. You'll be prompted to an interface as shown below.
Enter your valid email address and Password click continue to create a free digital wallet.
Then you'll be directed to an interface as shown below.
You have created a free wallet for your bitcoins.

Whenever you have to receive bitcoins you have earned Click Request.
You'll be generated a bitcoin address (It should be used to recive bitcoin payments as in the above case). Enter the bitcoins you want to receive.
That's all you want to know about earning and getting it into your wallet.

To get it into to bank account you'll have to get an Skrill account and an eSewa account which you can get for free.
Keep earning bitcoins and in the next days to come we'll post a complete tutorial on how to create a free Skrill and esewa account and change your bitcoins into money into your bank account.

If you have any queries please comment below and we'll reach back to you as soon as possible.


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