6 Most Useful Free Smartphone Apps for Bloggers


Blogging is an amazing platform that has caught the fancy of thousands of people worldwide. It’s perfect for marketing, especially for small business owners. Blogging allows them to get their personality across, interact with their readers, and keep them updated on what’s new and coming up.

Meanwhile, for academics or professionals today who wish to impart their expertise in a convenient manner, blogging allows them to make instant connections with people who can benefit the most from the knowledge they are sharing.

Regular folks can also benefit from blogging because they are able to share their experiences and relate or find similarities with others. They get to build friendships from across the globe which would not have been conventionally possible without the platform.

Smartphones Are Essential to Bloggers

It’s important to note, however, that if you want to become a successful blogger, you need to be tech-savvy to a certain degree in order to keep up with the responsibilities that come with the title.
       First off, you need to explore what your smartphone can do to make blogging easier. And to do that, try looking through available  mobile device offers and picking one that will provide you easy access to the internet.

There is an abundance of mobile offers to choose from, and most of them include net packages. But for a blogger like you, it’s best to settle for a package that provides unlimited internet access. This way, when you are away from your home Wi-Fi and there is no free Wi-Fi where you are, you can use the phone’s mobile data to continue blogging.

       The next thing you have to do is to shop around for free smartphone apps that are useful to bloggers.

6 Free Apps Bloggers Should Use

So, you have already picked up a great internet package for your smartphone. It’s now time to download some helpful apps. Here are six highly recommended ones by social media influencers and online marketing experts.

1.     Today App

If you are an iOS user, this app can help you stay on track of your blogging schedule. This acts as a personal secretary that reminds you of what you need to do now and what you need to do soon. No more dilly-dallying with blogging once you get this smart app.

2.     Evernote

The mind of a blogger continually churns out and goes over ideas for subjects or topics to post about. It always helps to have an app that will allow you to quickly jot those gems down, and Evernote is the perfect app for that purpose.
In the previous year, Evernote was upgraded to work significantly faster. There is now less friction in operating it, and the result? Bloggers won’t lose their ideas while trying to get the program to work.

3.     Buffer

If you like to advertise your blog posts on social media, this app will help you organize and schedule your tweets and your Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ posts. With this app, you can “set it and forget it.”
Another benefit you can derive from this app is that it will allow you to see your engagement statistics, such as the number of clicks on the links you have in your content and which posts generated the most traffic.

4.     Google Trips

This is a complete godsend for travel bloggers because the app takes care of providing much of the information needed for the trip. It even includes directions on how to get from point A to point B, as well as recommended stops. If you share travel information with your blog readers, Google Trips is clearly a reliable source.

5.     Word Swag

Making your content appealing is important in generating the interest of your readers, and one way of doing that is by using Word Swag. This app offers a vast variety of background images and text options for your quotes, jokes, recipes and other kinds of content.

6.     VSCO Cam

Finally, blogs should always have beautiful accompanying images because most netizens are visually inclined. With this photo-editing app, you can turn even simple pictures into professional-looking snapshots. It has countless filters for you to choose from and other editing features.

There you gosix of today’s most useful free smartphone apps for bloggers. Some of these are designed for increased and streamlined productivity while others are meant to improve the aesthetic quality of posts. If you’re a blogger, you know those are absolute musts for success. Download these free apps today and experience how they can elevate the way you blog.


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