Earn Free Extra Passive Income With Your Blog Or Youtube Channel With Brave

Do you want to earn extra passive money whenever someone surfs your blog or watches youtube videos of your channel through a specific browser? Well after reading this post you'll be able to earn passively whenever someone surfs your blog with Brave Browser.

Brave browser has a very impressive publisher program for Blog owners, Youtube content creators and Twitch steamers. If you are any of the following you can get started to earn some free BAT tokens which are worth much money.

Getting started is a very easy process and you'll start earning whenever someone surfs your content with a brave browser.

Lets Get Started:

1. Go to Brave Publisher page and click on Get Started.
2. Now enter you valid email. Then you'll receive an email to verify your account.
Now you are ready to earn extra passive income.
To earn free tokens you'll have to add a website and youtube channel or Twitch channel so that you can earn whenever  someone surfs your content with Brave browser.

Adding Website

After logging in to your account you'll have add  a channel.
Click on Add Channel option on your Publisher dashboard.

Now select Website.

Enter the link to your website and click continue.
Now you'll have to verify your website. You can do it either by uploading a file to your root folder of your domain or by adding a TXT DNS to your domain.

Adding Youtube Channel

Click on Youtube Channel after clicking Add Channel option.

It will forward to your google account. Select the google account of your youtube channel.
Now select your youtube channel.
Now allow the permission for Brave.

You will have to create an Uphold account to receive the payment.
Get started today and start making passive income.
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