How to Embed YouTube Videos Responsively in Your Blog?



Do you want to embed videos to your blogs or website so that it would be responsive in every devices? The default codes to embed taken from youtube doesn't make the video player responsive but shows a large player that makes the blog posts unattractive and unmanaged. So in this video we'll learn how to embed a youtube or vimeo or any other videos so that it will be shown responsively in your blogs or sites.

How To Get Started?

  • To embed a video first go to youtube and copy the link of video you want to embed in your blog.
  • Then go to Embed Responsively.
  • Then paste the link of video and click on embed.
  • Scroll down and there will the codes to paste on your blog or articles to embed video responsively.
  • Paste the videos in your blog and you'll be able to enjoy responsive video player in your blog.
You can use this tool for embedding YouTube Videos, Vimeo and Dailymotion videos, Google maps, Getty images and many other media sources media files responsively in your blog.

Video Tutorial:

Here's a video tutorial for your easy understanding.

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