How I Earned 1000$ with Steem in a Week? [Getting Started]



Steemit is steem blockchain based social network in which you get steem tokens for creating and curating content.

In this post we are going to learn about steem blockchain and how to get started to make money with steem in short brief.
The sites like steemit,,, are based on steem blockchain. All the contents created on these platforms are recorded on immutable steem blockchain ledger. The content creators are rewarded through steem blockchain and with steem cryptocurrency.

How do I earn steem tokens?

Well the users can earn steem tokens for free through three different ways; posting, upvoting & curating and vesting.


The users are rewarded a small portion of reward pool for creating contents on steem blockchain. The reward the user receives depends on the upvotes you receive.


Upvoting in steemit is similar to a like in Facebook. You earn through upvotes kf other users and you can also earn by upvoting contents from other users before it becomes popular. The rewards you receive depends on your steem power.


STEEM tokens that are powered up to Steem Power will earn a small amount of new tokens for holding.

You can learn more about steem blockchain on steemit FAQ page. In this post we are learning to get started with steemit.

Getting Started

Getting started with steem is easy once you have an approved account. But getting an account approved may take upto 1 month for new users.
1. Firstly go to and click on sign up. Enter the details required and you'll be sent an email to verify your email which will be used to send you the account approval details.
2. Then it may take upto 1 month to get your account approved.
3. Once you have your account approved you can  start earning steem and steem dollars.


There are many ways you can earn steem tokens that can make you rich which we will discuss in other blog post series.

Why earn steem tokens?

Well steemit is just not a social networking site but you can earn money with steem blockchain for using it. You will be paid steem and steem dollars for writing articles, commenting, upvoting others posts and holding the steem powers.
The steem dollars was once trading at 14$ amd steem has rose to 8$+ . That means if you can do better then this can be a way to live on. Well there are many ways to earn steem and SBDs. We'll discuss in the later posts to come.
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