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Narrative is a content platform where members and brands can create and curate content and share their stories—either visually or through words. More than a social network, Narrative is a true online community where users rule and are rewarded.
Well do you know that social networks are making billions when you are getting nothing for using them. is here to break this. In Narrative you are the owner and controller of your data and content.

Bloggers, magazine and newspaper writers struggle to monetize their content as ad services and publishers take a huge cut for the content marketing they provide. Narrative provides a turn key platform for compensating authors, bloggers, editors and moderators.
Just now you can register for the alpha version of . You can also suggest a niche for the commnity now which can later on earn some free rewards if your niche gets approved from voting.

Why Join Narrative.Org?

Well narrative is much more than the usual social network we are using today. You are the owner of your data and content in Narrative. Besides you earn NRVE tokens which can be exchanged for fiat in crypto exchanges.
That means you can earn money when making posts and curating contents. This idea is actually great.
They are now in alpha and they will soon release their beta version. You can register now and claim your spot.

Here's a step by step guide to join

1. First go to Narrative Alpha and enter your email and click on Submit.

2. Now check your email and verify your email.
3. After some days when the round is unlocked you'll receive an email as below. Click on thw link and you'll be asked to enter your full name and password. Enter them and you'll have access to the alpha Narrative.

You can actually suggest niches after you have registered for alpha. The niches are topics in Narrative. You can earn also some free NRVE tokens now by referring friends. You can get you referral link in your profile section.

Join from the link below to help me

Join Now And Earn NRVE Tokens NOW!

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Happy Earning!


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